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8/10/2016 8:00 am  #1

August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

Hey folks, 

I've taken a stab at a video trip report this time. Day 1 is up at 

Having never done a video report before, I learned a lot while putting this one together. I would appreciate feedback about what you enjoy, but also what you don't, about this video. Constructive criticism is appreciated so I can improve! Having watched my own video a couple dozen times while creating it, my own comments are:

1. If I can't get my SLR to reliably focus for filming video, don't use it for filming video. 
2. Less talk, more music and scenery
3. Shorter

I can't fix the occasional out-of-focus video for the other days of this trip since it's already been shot, but numbers 2 and 3 I'll do something about. 

Any and all feedback is appreciated!


8/10/2016 9:31 am  #2

Re: August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

I think it's a great video!  I love that feeling (and you captured it well with the first person POV) of pulling up to a campsite for the first time...I always get anxiously excited as I clamber out of the canoe and go explore the site.  I also enjoyed your narrative for most of the video. 

A couple things I would like to see:

1.  As a canoe camper who is very interested in kayak tripping, I'd love to see and hear a bit more about your set up, gear, things you like/dislike about the kayak experience, etc.
2.  I don't mind a few scenes that get a bit blurry!
3.  Maybe keep the shots of just you speaking a tad shorter...although I did enjoy your narrative, like I said...
4.  I didn't find the video too long.  I watch these when I'm at work and it allows me to "escape" to my happy place and live vicariously through the videos

Thanks for posting and sharing I look forward to parts 2 and 3!


8/10/2016 10:34 am  #3

Re: August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

Thanks for the feedback Steve!

1. I have an entire website and loads of videos devoted to this topic so I figured I shouldn't focus too heavily on the "kayak" side of things in trip reports, but maybe I'll slip in a little kayak-specific stuff into them going forward - believe me, I can sure talk kayak camping. 

2. I do. My SLR takes great photos but is pretty unreliable for video. I have a fantastic point and shoot camera so I think I'm going to retire the SLR from camping trips going forward. It makes me a bit sad, but it also means I'll be dropping about 4-5 pounds of weight from my gear. I think I can live with it. 

3. Yeah, I rambled - I know it. Day one, like I said in my videos, I'm positively giddy to be out there and it makes me talk too much. I'll cut it down for the other days. 

Sadly I had a bit of an issue with the (brand new) waterproof camera I took, in that it turned out to be not entirely waterproof. I have a few hours of videos from day 2 and day 4 that are more or less unusable as they're too blurry (condensation in the lens) to make out. But I still have lots of footage to put reports together I think. 


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8/10/2016 11:42 am  #4

Re: August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

I'll be checking out your website for sure and scope out your videos   And I totally get that "giddy" feeling when you get there...such a great feeling eh?  Good for you for getting out there on your own.  That's my plan when I retire...get out and do a ton more solo stuff. 

Thanks again!


8/10/2016 12:01 pm  #5

Re: August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

I just finished the video and enjoyed it. Will stay tuned for the next part.I don't have many suggestions that either you or Steve haven't already hit on.

One thing that I love in camping videos is catching the sounds of being out there. Waves, birds, frogs, paddle strokes, etc. I'm not sure if your equipment is up to the task of capturing those things, but if in the future you are looking to include more scenic shots I wouldn't be too quick to accompany them with music. (I also appreciate how the wind on Day 1 would have made this next to impossible).

I also enjoyed the time lapse shot of the fire. Time lapses are always nice to show the progress of things around camp.

Also, I think it would be great if you used some of your talking time to walk us through your trip plans. How long are you out for, what's the final destination, what did you pack, how did you pack it, etc.

Again, great video and I look forward to Day Two!



8/10/2016 3:02 pm  #6

Re: August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

Great video, but too long, how am I supposed to get work done! I liked the fire building scene too. I also like how your shirt, hat and tarp all match. Very spiff! ;)


8/10/2016 3:37 pm  #7

Re: August 2016, Opeongo to Shippagew Trip - Day 1

@RCShevalier: Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure if I spent much time talking about my travel plans this time around, but I'll see what I can do. Another suggestion to talk about my gear and how I pack? Hrm. I did film a number of videos talking about that sort of thing (for my website, not specifically for trip reports) so I'll see if I can incorporate some of those. Yes - scenic videos with the original sound would be good, you're right. I hope I took some, because otherwise that was a grave oversight!

@Martin: entirely accidental I assure you ;). I intentionally bought this particular hat a size too small. It hurt like hell for about two months until it stretched out properly, but it fits on my head like it's screwed on - I've never had it blow off, including during water taxi rides. 

Day 2 will include the close encounter with the moose video some of you have probably seen on facebook. Once I find time to work on Day 2. 

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