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10/21/2022 12:51 pm  #1

Canoe repair kit

I thought I'd ask what others take on the backcountry trips for canoe repair if it becomes necessary?  I'm trying to put together a small kit for myself and try and keep the weight down as I travel solo mostly.  I do take care of my canoe when travelling but well...accidents can happen.

So far I've been packing:
Small roll of duct tape/gorilla tape
a few nuts, bolts and screws for seat repair
Water weld putty that I picked up at Canadian Tire
Small Fiberglass patch (ready to use in a package)
A few zip ties.

Thought I'd ask for advise, and see what others bring with them? or anything at all?




10/21/2022 1:14 pm  #2

Re: Canoe repair kit

I only take one thing: a partial roll of duct tape, (Actually I think it is gorilla tape).  Now, obviously anything can happen on a trip, but I'm not shooting rapids, so that reduces my damage possibilities to primarily: I didn't see that rock, or ugh I fell with the canoe.  Of course we're all susceptible to you gotta be kidding me the yoke broke or something even worse. 

Fingers crossed, with a hull issue, the tape will suffice to get me out of the park ok. Even if the yoke snapped, I would hope I could jerry-rig some wood sufficiently to tape across and get me out of the park.  Somebody posted some fantastic photos of a repair they had to do to a yoke this past year, don't remember whom.  The putty, the fiberglass, zip me, tape can serve as a substitute for those in nearly all cases.  Nuts, bolts, screws.....that stays at home for me.  Sometimes I check to make sure all is well before I leave from home. 

So, the question is what are your most likely damage possibilities, and what will suffice to get you out of the park.  That's as long as a field repair needs to last. 

Anyway, that's my recommendation.  Tape.  (Now watch you go have a serious problem for which tape is not the answer....)  We'll see what anyone else has to say, there are tons of people waaaaaay more experienced than me out there, that's for sure!

What I do carry with me (and it stays in the car) is an extra belly strap for the roof rack, and some extra paracord in case a tie-down line snaps.  A problem in transport like that can leave you sitting on the side of the road stuck.  Not even duct tape could solve that problem! 


10/21/2022 5:01 pm  #3

Re: Canoe repair kit

This is a repost of my kit. But it hasn't changed much.

Leatherman wave, - Use this as a knife. Good for, you know, knifing. Pliers are also good for pulling out bullets. Scissors and file for my finger nails..
Speedysharp, - 7 years ago Smedlyco gave this to me after I filleted 8 Walleye and 1 Pike! And it fits in the Leatherman case. Speedysharp is awesome. You should defo get one.
multi-screwdriver, - Have never used this
mini eyeglass repair kit, - Tape could work too. But this is tiny.
hanger bolts and nuts, - Have never used. If a seat breaks the bolts and nuts are not likely to be any use in fixing the seat. hmm..,
Bailing wire, - 2 days into a 2 week trip I used this and the Leatherman to fix Glens seat in Woodland Caribou.
40' 2.5mm spectra cord, - Also bear hang rope
WW pin kit, - Have never used, but one day it will be invaluable (White Water trips only).
zip ties, - Million uses
Duct/Gorilla tape, - 2 million uses
Various mattress and tent patches, - This, the Tenacious tape and the Seam grip are all in a tiny zip lock. I've got half a dozen of these patches on various Thermarests and tarps.
Tenacious tape, - see above
Seamgrip +sil, - see above above
Individual size Crazy Glue, - Think of all the practical joke fun. Hmm what could I glue my paddling partners hand too..
Nitrile gloves - For handling epoxy (and super glue)
QuikPlastic Epoxy Putty - Hands down best 24 hour solution for permanently fixing a hole in a boat. Much easier, cleaner and better looking than fiberglass work.


10/21/2022 8:58 pm  #4

Re: Canoe repair kit

Sounds like you have it pretty covered. Only thing I would recommend  is a partial roll of Blue Skin, peel and stick foundation sealer.  Works awesome.


10/22/2022 6:27 pm  #5

Re: Canoe repair kit

Thanks very much for the responses, I appreciated everyone’s thoughts.  Canoe is put away for the year now so I can ponder what to bring, and have a look to see what needs repairing before next season!

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