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3/24/2022 1:55 pm  #1

i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

i am in the market for a new pair of hiking boots/shoes,, would anyone have any suggestions ,, what do ya put on your feet? water proof light weight?  


3/24/2022 3:39 pm  #2

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

Hey Swede, I am on my second pair of Scarpa boots from MEC (the first ones I got 10 years ago are well worn but still intact!) - this is the newest model of them:

I love 'em - comfy, durable, lightweight, waterproof and good traction. Coupled with Wright double layer socks, I have never had a blister.
My only complaints are:
- They can get quite hot in the summer (although I imagine any other such boots would do the same)
- The insoles are quite thin - you could put slightly thicker ones in, but there's not a tonne of room (I just use what's there - never any problem and they don't seem to wear out).
Sportchek carries Scarpa as well, although I don't think they have this model



3/24/2022 3:49 pm  #3

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

My current shoes. So far so good.

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3/24/2022 6:18 pm  #4

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

I really like Salomon shoes.

I think they've been discontinued but I have two pairs of the X Ultra Mehari which I find to be the perfect shoe. A perfect cross between a water shoe and hiking shoe (quick dry, breathable mesh, but with proper ankle support and good sole).

I'd recommend avoiding waterproof shoes unless they're very high cut. Any water that gets in, for example if you submerge your foot at a portage landing, will take forever to dry. For hiking, waterproof shoes make sense, but I don't see the appeal for canoe trips.

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3/24/2022 6:47 pm  #5

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

thanks for the insights ,, i will check back later,, i am going ice fishing for the weekend,,,

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3/25/2022 9:06 am  #6

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

Hiking boots?  Salomon GTX 4D and forget it. Bullet proof, and THE most comfortable fit in the biz.


3/25/2022 6:07 pm  #7

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

I'll second La Sportiva for light weight (really trail runners).  The traction is solid and stable and if I'm covering long distances, I'd rather not have to lift an extra pound or two with every step.  I've used wildcats and raptors with good success.

My philosophy on waterproof is not  to use it except in winter. They only work if the water never goes over the top and if it does, goretex is pretty slow to dry.

To add, it all comes down to whit fits your feet comfortably.  A good try on with the kind of socks you'd wear is essential.

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3/26/2022 8:17 am  #8

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

The most important feature is fit and comfort. That's personal. Next they have to be quick drying. You can pretty much stop here and you are good.

But if you feel like getting into the weeds, the important qualities in a canoeing shoe vary based on the type of travelling you do. It seems the most popular shoe for canoeing are Crocs and Keen sandles. These are both at the bottom of the list for me. One step below any 3/4 high Goretex boot.

I like to have adventurous trips. I don't base camp. My feet are often wet. I run white water. I bushwhack. I like seldom used or rougher trails. I usually travel for long days.

The grippier the shoe the better. But not all grip is the same. Shoes with big durable lugs are great for rocky and rooty dirt trails. But do next to nothing on wet rock. Wet slippery smooth rock is the most likely place for slips and falls. For wet and moss/algae covered smooth rock, you need soft rubber soles with siping. These types of shoes will not last like the big durable lugged soles. But are much grippier and will save you from falling. Saying you like Contagrip or Vibram is meaningless. These are brands and both brands can tweak their rubber and designs to suit different needs. In my opinion, you want soft sticky rubber that has been siped.

Another important feature for me is protection and security. I like the shoes to have a good toe guard to protect my toes when banging into rocks and roots both in and out of the water. I also like the shoes to be slightly higher to offer some ankle protection. The slightly higher collar also prevents them from coming off in mud or white water dumps. But, they can't be so big and bulky that they give you difficulty getting your feet under a canoe seat or present an entrapment hazzard.

Finally I like my shoes to be lightweight. Both when wet and dry. For a shoe to be light when wet it has to have built drainage and the material should not absorb water. There is always a compromise between weight, grip, durability and support. My ankles are still strong enough that support isn't a big concern. For me lightweight, quick draining, hydrophobic nylon uppers and soft grippy soles take precedence over durable leather or waterproof synthetic uppers and dense rubber soles.

Last, I change my shoes out seasonally. Early and late season white water trips I use a very warm boot. It is a huge compromise. Big and bulky and very heavy when wet. I don't love them but they keep my toes from freezing.

Ice out white water trips I use NRS Workboots. The rest of the year Astral Rasslers. Other shoes I like include Astral TR1 Merge, Soloman Speedcross, La Sportiva Ultra Raptors, 5-10 Canyoneers and Baffin Amazon.


3/29/2022 5:57 am  #9

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

a big thank you to all that replied,, i have plenty of time now to research this topic, as i am isolating with the covid 19  illness ,, i am sweating it out while i keyboard this reply, 
      thanks again ,,, 

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4/04/2022 2:07 pm  #10

Re: i need a new pair hiking boot/shoes

thanks to everyone that replied, i picked up a pair of salomon GTX ultra  from sail in oshawa.
     time to play

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