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6/24/2021 5:55 pm  #1

weather forecast info???

where do you source your weather info??
     what weather site is the best?  thanks 
    perhaps we could take a pole to find the most accurate  weather egg heads?


6/24/2021 11:29 pm  #2

Re: weather forecast info???

This is straight from Canada's meteorology service and also serves as the starting point for all the other sources of weather information services. The other services just take the original data and massage it a little, perhaps fluff it up with sensationalism, and then serve it too you with a bunch of ads.  


6/26/2021 10:52 am  #3

Re: weather forecast info??? for me too, for forecasts and radar.

For actual/live/local info, I like the NOAA's MADIS site: NOAA MADIS Surface Observations

I used to send my weather station data, too - but then I started to get spammed. My own site: 


6/27/2021 8:17 am  #4

Re: weather forecast info???

before leaving I check multiple outlets for my weather info, and no they don't get all their reports from Environment Canada, the Weathernetwork actually has quite a meteorological setup of their own with doppler and satellite access as well as the more traditional methods.
when tripping I bring a small (paperback- sized) multi band radio capable of receiving on 162.400 MHz- the Environment Canada broadcast frequency for central Ontario.
the list of frequencies for various locations is here-


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