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3/12/2021 12:28 pm  #18

Re: TR102: Basin & Buck Lakes

Awesome Peek!  We went in there at night to explore and I have to say it was kinda creepy.  There was almost a full moon and the whole area where the cabin is was kind of lit up mysteriously.  So much history there you could almost feel it.  Any idea what that clearing is on the opposite side of the road?  Looks like some vehicles have driven down there and there's a make-shift firepit...


3/12/2021 12:50 pm  #19

Re: TR102: Basin & Buck Lakes

In the area are the the remains of another cabin (Just the root cellar left), a horse barn with the walls still standing, 2 grave sites, 2 old vehicles, outhouse, bunch of scattered about relics..


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