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3/23/2020 2:40 am  #1

Hammock camping in the shoulder season


I did have a question on Hammock camping.  I was wondering in the spring and fall (early May to early October) if having an under quilt is necessary for warmth?



3/23/2020 6:31 am  #2

Re: Hammock camping in the shoulder season

I find even in the warmer months I need something under my down sleeping bag due to the compressed feathers. I use an old thermarest for this purpose.

I'm the spring this is an absolute must. I don't know how synthetic bags perform in this scenario.


3/23/2020 8:02 am  #3

Re: Hammock camping in the shoulder season

I hammock camp all year round in Algonquin and I can assure you that even in the summer you would likely need some type of insulation under you.  I use a 20 degree underquilt in the summer and then a 0 degree underquilt in the spring and fall.  In the winter I'll combine both underquilts and that works really well.  I've used a pad as well but personally I found it a bit awkward and at times it would slip out from under me.  Underquilts are the way to go!  I would strongly suggest you get one that is a wide and long model for colder temps.  It will wrap up around you a bit and give you extra coverage where you need it...


9/08/2020 10:10 pm  #4

Re: Hammock camping in the shoulder season

For people that hammock camp with a pad, do you use your pad inside the bag or out?

In the summer, I use a thermorest accordian pad on cooler nights.  It's a bit of pain to use though and I have a hard time keeping it on the diagonal without it refolding itself.

I want to try out my self inflating pad. I'm thinking that it'll be easier to stay on top of it if it's inside my bag. My concern is it spreads my bag out so I could lose some warmth(?). I have a 0degC bag so I don't have a lot of room to play with temperature wise in late September. I do have a liner that I plan to use in addition though.

Any thought?


9/09/2020 7:30 pm  #5

Re: Hammock camping in the shoulder season

Both of my hammocks are double layer so when I do use a pad (summer) it goes in between. I use a cheap, blue, closed cell foam pad.


9/10/2020 5:57 am  #6

Re: Hammock camping in the shoulder season

Hammock on bottom then self-inflating thermarest then synthetic sleeping bag on top.  I've slept in the snow and was warm enough.  Bag rated to twenty Fahrenheit.  I've used a rectangular thermarest instead of the mummy-shaped because that's what I had.  It generally stays in place but you need to develop your skill of getting in and out without mucking everything up.


9/20/2020 7:07 am  #7

Re: Hammock camping in the shoulder season

I have a double layer Hennessey  Asym Zip. I use a thermarest  pad as I haven't  upgraded to a quilt yet. A week ago on big Crow my thermometer  read 3C in the morning and I was toasty all night. Down bag rated to -7. I hammock year round and only thing that changes  is my bag. Have a -30 bag for winter. Works great.

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