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7/02/2020 7:30 am  #1

Border crossing and quarantine info

Hi - I think "Planning" is the right area for this...

I've been hoping for the border to open on schedule so I can plan a trip with my family for mid-late August, but I'm thinking those hopes are pretty close to dashed at this point.  If I am understanding correctly (and this is why I'm posting), here are the current rules that a pertinent:

1) Border is closed between US and Canada until July 21 (which could be extended of course)
2) Travelers into Canada, including Canadians returning from out of country, are required to self-isolate for 14 days, and that measure is in effect until August 31.

So, if I'm understanding properly, even the Canada-US border did open, the self-isolation rules would still be in play, so that eliminates a canoe trip prior to August 31.

Is that the correct understanding? 

I have a hard time thinking the border will open on July 21 anyway, the way things are going in the southern US right now.


7/02/2020 1:22 pm  #2

Re: Border crossing and quarantine info

Current entry rules can be found here:

So currently only travel for non-discretionary purposes or immediate family relation.  Yes it looks like 14 day quarantine for everyone entering.  

As you have noted.  With cases on the rise down south I don't expect the border will open in the near future.  Someone else on the forum recently redirected to Boundary Waters area - looks like a pretty solid alternative.


7/02/2020 2:09 pm  #3

Re: Border crossing and quarantine info

Might want to double check with the BWCA. Minnesota had a 14 day quarantine rule for entering the state.


7/02/2020 2:39 pm  #4

Re: Border crossing and quarantine info

1,000 mile drive for me to BWCA.  We are looking at alternatives in NYS.  State campsites just opened yesterday, and I"m not sure they are taking new reservations, plus it is glamping largely, so ugggghhhhhh.  Oh well, time with the fam is time with the fam.  Hoping very much I can do a Gonk solo trip in Late September......

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7/07/2020 5:56 am  #5

Re: Border crossing and quarantine info

Hi MWD, We're in the same boat - our party just cancelled our weeklong reservation for mid-August in AP.  We're 1,300 miles from BWCA so that's a non-starter.  We looked into the Belgrade Lakes area of Maine which is only 450 miles away - you either need a negative test result or 14 day quarantine to enter Maine so it's feasible for us but has some hurdles.

The Adirondacks are a good option for us at 370 miles but the state-run tent camping sites are booked solid for the majority of the summer.  There are quite a few first-come, first-served sites in the St. Regis Canoe Area that would do the trick.  The only drawback with those is that they design their campsites to be unobtrusive from the they are tucked back into the woods away from the lake by 30 or 40 yards and can reduce wind and increase bug risks, but not a deal-breaker.  That's a nice area with some beautiful settings and similar environment to Algonquin - remote access for primitive travel to managed lakes and land.


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