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1/16/2020 1:03 pm  #1

2019 Water Levels

We have a cottage lease on Whitefish, and throughout 2019 we noticed a consistent and significant drop in the water levels as the summer went on. The same was true of Rock and LoTR (not surprisingly as all are part of the Madawaska River). Our neighbours said it was by far the lowest water they'd ever seen.

Related, peoples' 2019 trip reports from OTHER parts of the park noted low water levels. 

Does anyone have any information as to why that was and what might happen in the future?


1/16/2020 5:03 pm  #2

Re: 2019 Water Levels

I know in the past they've let the levels draw down to allow for predicted heavy snowfalls and increased melt levels in the spring, maybe this is the reason, especially with last spring's flooding?


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