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10/29/2019 4:57 pm  #1

Western Uplands

Looking for info on Western Uplands backpacking trail specifically typical conditions for mid to late November. Hard to predict, I know but doing gear prep now.

Also any advice on best camps?  Specifically in the loop above Oxtongue.
Going in for 2 nights.



10/30/2019 11:10 am  #2

Re: Western Uplands

Just googleing "emsdale ontario climate" gives some nice graphs on average temperature, daylight, and precipitation for a nearby community that will be mostly representative of what to expect on the WUT. I would just prepare for the worst cold, rain, mud, and snow that you might expect and then a couple of days before your trip you can look at a more reliable forecast and adjust your gear accordingly. 


10/30/2019 2:21 pm  #3

Re: Western Uplands

  I second what solos says. I've encountered -20 the end of Nov before, when they weren't calling for it. Hiking most the day is one thing but sleeping is another in cold weather. 

I'm just gone Fishin!

10/30/2019 4:45 pm  #4

Re: Western Uplands

Thanks for the info!

Always hope for the best and prepare for anything.

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11/02/2019 11:15 am  #5

Re: Western Uplands

Yes, definitely agree with solos. I've been surprised several times in Algonquin weather-wise and I've made the mistake of using an air pad not rated for cold weather - it makes for a tough sleep. I always bring a folding saw with me and find good maple dead fall to have a nice warm fire. As for sites, are you looking at the southern loop by Highway 60?


11/02/2019 3:56 pm  #6

Re: Western Uplands

One luxury item I’m bringing in is a sheep skin blanket to go under me. Guaranteed warmth.

Going in thru Rain.

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11/02/2019 8:33 pm  #7

Re: Western Uplands

cls wrote:

One luxury item I’m bringing in is a sheep skin blanket to go under me. Guaranteed warmth. .

I recently bought a Thermarest 3D Mondo King as a luxury item. I think it will serve me well for my planned foray into winter backcountry camping ... maybe a pre ice out trip next year. Enough room for the dog to snuggle up to me to keep me warm.

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