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7/27/2018 10:55 am  #1

new book on Algonquin Park history

With great expectation, "Algonquin Park A Place Like No Other", a new book on Algonquin Park history, was delivered today at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre today, after a long ago conception, a tortuously long gestation period. Author and publisher (The Friends of Algonquin Park) are doing well.

The 430 plus, softcover book, covering from ancient indigenous times to December 2017, will sell for about $35.00 plus tax, either at The Friends of Algonquin Park book stores or their on-line bookstore.


7/27/2018 12:44 pm  #2

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Great news Rory - will definitely pick this up!!

Thanks for putting it together along with the FoA, cant wait to give it a read!


7/27/2018 4:33 pm  #3

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Bah!  I just ordered a couple books from FoAP the other day...  Looks like I'll need to make a second order now lol...😄


7/27/2018 7:02 pm  #4

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Looking forward to this Rory!


8/09/2018 6:25 am  #5

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Here is a little more about "Algonquin Park - A Place Like No Other", the new book on Park history.

It was written by Roderick (Rory) MacKay over the past decade.

It is 24 cm  16 cm X  2.5 cm, so it fits on a regular bookshelf.  It has a mass of 800 grams.

It is 432 pages in length. It is only available through The Friends of Algonquin Park at a cost of $30.80 for members or 36.23 for non-members. It costs about $10.00 to ship.

Part One: "First on the Land"  is indigenous history
Part Two: "Advance of the Colonists" is about early logging, colonization roads, attempts to open the land for settlement.
Part Three: "Establishing the Park" is about the three civil servants who recommended a park and the Royal Commission
Part Four: "Protecting the Park" is about the work of the rangers
Part Five: "Encroaching on Wilderness" is about the construction of railways, the highway and the Lake of Two Rivers Airfield and continued logging
Part Six: "The Park As A Playground" covers recreation development, including lodges, camps, stores, and camping along roadsides and in the Interior.
Part Seven: "Understanding the Park" outlines the history of research in the Park and Park Interpretation
Part Eight: "Making It Work" is about the planning and consultation that went into the Master Plan and Management Plan, with discussion about issues such as the leases, the land claim, continued logging, and a look into "history yet to be".
There is a lengthy References Cited section and an Index.

The book is an overview history to be read. It is "extensive but not exhaustive", nor encyclopaedic. It contains about 140 black and white images.

Bill Calvert, writer of the Master Plan, wrote: "This fine book will be a prime reference of choice on the cultural history of Algonquin Provincial Park for many years to come! Offering a multi-faceted window into the Park's rich past, it is clearly written, full of fascinating detail, technically accurate and up-to-date. The result is a stimulating account for the general reader and an enlightening summary for those who know the Park well!"


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8/27/2018 8:35 am  #6

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

In addition to Algonquin Park - A Place Like No Other (2018), The Friends of Algonquin Park has updated the chronology in the technical series as A Chronology of Dates and Events of Algonquin Provincial Park as part of the series that includes the Pictorial History, Mammal book, etc. The Dates and Events book lists events to 2017 briefly, while the companion Algonquin Park- A Place Like No Other fills in considerably more detail.
It was an interesting time this past winter when both books were being prepared for printing at the same time.

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12/24/2018 10:27 pm  #7

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Great Book Rory.  A very informative & interesting read. 


9/28/2019 6:51 pm  #8

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Finally picked-up a copy this past Thursday (at the Opeongo Lake access point). As of now I'm only at page 46, but it's clearly a very detailed book. It's got me trying to imagine what the first explorers and loggers went through. Lots of info, references and photos that I don't recall from other works. In many respects, it's like reading about the park for the first time. With December not far away, I definitely recommend it as a holiday gift for fellow 'Algonquinites'!


5/25/2020 7:11 am  #9

Re: new book on Algonquin Park history

Just a quick note to wish all who are coping with the shutdown success in doing so, and a thanks to the medical professionals who are giving so much care to those in need.

Thank you to Barry and others for making comment on my book, Algonquin Park - A Place Like No Other. Although the physical bookstore run by The Friends of Algonquin Park is not currently open, orders for this and other books are possible online.

While the intention of the book was not to be an encyclopaedia, in consideration of a possible revision "someday", suggestions regarding "information that should not have been left out" may be offered by readers (preferably with references).  Enjoy the read.

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