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3/21/2017 6:36 pm  #18

Re: American Eel in the Park

That's odd that they would be a significant sighting in Algonquin since they're common all around the park. In any event, I have fished and been an astute and frequent observer of nature for over 40 years, so I can confidently say what I didn't see, and the only two things I can't rule out are american eel and mudpuppy. It sounds to me like the latter is more probable, although the former is what they really looked like to me.


3/21/2017 6:44 pm  #19

Re: American Eel in the Park

OK, I read the two articles and I see why the interest. I will report them, although I have no evidence - if I had known the significance at the time, I would have caught and/or photographed them for proof. 

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5/10/2017 3:02 pm  #20

Re: American Eel in the Park

For what its worth mudpuppies are mainly nocturnal ... we see lots at night in the oxford mills area near Ottawa ...  if you ever get a chance to hold one you might be surprised.  They are very docile (at least in winter) and are not slimy.  More squishy !!


5/11/2017 8:27 am  #21

Re: American Eel in the Park

I definitely see a lot of mudpuppies at night eating up our food scraps from washing pans and dishes.  They look like small cat fish kind of.


5/11/2017 8:48 am  #22

Re: American Eel in the Park


5/11/2017 1:31 pm  #23

Re: American Eel in the Park

What i am seeing definitely are catfish then lol.  I have never seen on of those in Algonquin.  It was actually kind of cute ha


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