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2/23/2021 7:48 am  #1

the last guide

  thoughts and  prayers for frankie   ,,,  
     i had a chat with frank last night,,, things are not good with him.
          i have shared many cups of coffee at his kitchen table over the years,   and consider frank a great friend and a wealth of algonquin knowledge !!
  frankie told me that he is going to be given a eagle feather ceremony by his  golden lake friends very soon,, 



2/23/2021 9:02 pm  #2

Re: the last guide

Bummer... Really enjoyed the stories in Ron Corbett's books. Well wishes to he and the Kuiack family.


2/24/2021 11:57 am  #3

Re: the last guide

Sorry to hear that Frank is not doing well.  I was fortunate to have fished with Frank about 15-20 years ago.  It is a memory that I will not forget.  Amazing that Frank could roll a cigarette with one hand and paddle with the other. 

Frank and his partner Jan built an addition & outhouse at our cottage.  Although not used as much the outhouse still stands.  Apparently these 2 were quite the characters back in the day.  My grandfather used to tell some funny stories of their antics.  They left this message on the outhouse wall.
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