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7/13/2018 8:57 am  #1

turtle rock on catfish?

while i was paddling through catfish this spring,,i went by turtle rock several times.
   there is a second rock formation on the eastern  shoreline of catfish, almost square with the the rock in the lake,, it is perched up on a rock shelf. this rock seemed to be balanced on a smaller rock that looked like a leg and has a point that looks like a head. the on shore rock looked more like a turtle then the rock in the lake,,, as marked on a map i had with me. 
     so what rock is turtle rock,, the rock sticking outta the lake or the nearby rock on shore?
  to me the rock on the shore line looks more like a turtle then the lake rock.


7/13/2018 9:41 am  #2

Re: turtle rock on catfish?

I always thought it was a rock on the shore that had the shape of a turtle's head.  But I am by no means well-informed on the matter.


7/13/2018 11:08 am  #3

Re: turtle rock on catfish?

I think Turtle Rock is mislabeled on Jeff's Maps. My understanding is the name Turtle Rock refers to a sacred First Nations site on shore. It is the one with a large erratic perched on a smaller rock.


7/13/2018 12:31 pm  #4

Re: turtle rock on catfish?

Hey Doug ....ya ...Turtle Rock is the one on shore .
Was last up there three years ago , a few pictures of the Turtle Rock in the lake , and on maps .
The other pictures of the shore Turtle Rock. I have seen an older picture from the off-line Algonquin Park archives , that was kindly shared . In that picture , there is a rock up front , that no longer exists . It gave Turtle rock a look of a large rock with legs . There are also pictographs , around the next point . Pictographs of turtle images , that I have yet to find and have spent significant time on two separate trips looking for them .





Interesting enough Doug , after that trip I dug up a few pictures from the on-line Algonquin archives , there was a cabin to the right of Turtle Rock ( in this picture ) , all grown over now , but had I known before , I sure would've taken a better look in the bush for the remains of the cabin .

Turtle Rock is under the " ON " of the AlgONquin super imposed on the picture .




7/13/2018 12:50 pm  #5

Re: turtle rock on catfish?

gee   j.c.   i think you nailed that one
     thanks for your insights, and wonderful photos,,

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