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8/26/2017 1:47 am  #1

Slackers of AP!

This Monday just past, Aug.21/17, I became a Slacker!  Never thought I'd say that word to describe myself,
as, in everyday life for the vast of my past, I'm not a 'slacker' at all.  Amazon.ca changed that though!

Got a 50' Ten Toes Slackline for 50-bucks and, no shayte, using it makes for a super outdoors workout!
Only things not included in the box are a are a couple of sturdy trees!  Even at aprox. 3.8kg/8.4lb for the full
kit-bag, I'm considering bringing it on my upcoming AP trip--purely as a 'practical' item, of course!  


9/06/2017 5:12 pm  #2

Re: Slackers of AP!

Yep, I do enjoy slacklining! It is always nice to add another activity to the campsite if you're going to be there more than a couple of days. I have some fond memories of slacklining on Carcajou Lake!


9/06/2017 5:39 pm  #3

Re: Slackers of AP!

Lenny, as I've discovered from 'walking the Line' just a few times, it's not an idle passtime!
This simple strap is, all at once, a challenge, a great outdoor workout...and fun!!

I got my TenToes Line on Amazon.ca ...here's the link:




TRAINING FOR AP!  http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png


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