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10/13/2016 10:55 am  #1

Walking Service Roads, etc.

Just a quick question.  Is it against park rules to walk along the Park service roads from Hwy 60?  I'm thinking of  roads like ones near the Tea Lake Dam, across from Mew Lake, etc?  I know you can't drive along those roads but are you allowed to walk them?

The rules state: Roads not shown on the Canoe Routes of Algonquin Provincial Park map-brochure are closed to unauthorized travel. A Park permit is not authorization to travel on a closed road.

I guess the question would be, does the term "unauthorized travel" include walking?


10/13/2016 6:24 pm  #2

Re: Walking Service Roads, etc.

By my understanding it does not include walking, you can walk wherever you want. But not drive, bike or even tow a canoe cart. I'm pretty sure I'm correct with respect to logging roads, and I have trouble imagining that service roads would be any different. Of course mine is just a layperson's opinion and comes with all the standard disclaimers.


10/14/2016 2:09 pm  #3

Re: Walking Service Roads, etc.

Thanks DanPM I appreciate your insight!

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4/12/2017 4:46 pm  #4

Re: Walking Service Roads, etc.

I feel the same way.....walking on service roads is OK.  But if it is not, first they have to catch you. LOL


4/12/2017 5:51 pm  #5

Re: Walking Service Roads, etc.

The road into the Wildlife Research Station across from Mew Lake is definitely closed to the public. Similarly the Arrowhon Road had a quite clear sign on it when I was last there stating that it was closed to the public. 


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