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7/27/2016 8:10 am  #18

Re: That feeling

i got the  uneasy feeling 7/8 years ago at the east end of manitou lake, where the amable du fond river drains out towards kiosk. (great beach) this spot was a old homestead . the house was still standing and i wanted to explore the area . however i felt a surge of uneasy feelings (anxiety) and decided to move along.   i do not know why i felt that way. 
   emotions ruled over intellect  that morning.  unexplained 
  this spring during a tour of the "citadel " national historic site in halifax. several areas of the fort brought on the same surge of anxiety. i asked the tour guide about para normal activities in the citadel. his response was that the fort has had many para normal responses by people over the years, and a night candle light ghost tour is offered. wow,,, maybe i am really tuned in. 
  i have read most of "silvia brown`s" books and "george van prauge"   the truth is out there?
     a guy like " ken born" has many stories of his travels through algonquin and the ghosts that he has met. makes for good fire ring discussions at night.


3/07/2017 9:54 pm  #19

Re: That feeling

Those feelings must come from our long ago ancestors - fight or flight? I have never felt uneasy in Algonquin Park, however, I do not do any solo camping trips either. However, at my family cottage up north, whenever I  hear the wind blowing through a particular set of trees, I often feel somewhat freaked out LOL.


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