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2/15/2017 3:53 pm  #1

What's Your Personal Best?

I'm really curious to see what kind of lunkers have been pulled out of Algonquin lakes. Bass, Trout, Pike, whatever your heart desires. Picture evidence more than welcome. Obviously great to know what lakes hold, but if you don't care to share the lake, no worries! Seeing what the possibilities are really gets me excited for the season, especially given our beauty weather right now..

I don't have a picture of my personal best bass but it was a 19" out of a lake on the 60 corridor, and I pulled this Pike out of one of the few that hold them in the park last August.


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2/16/2017 9:04 am  #2

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

Not a big picture, but this Muskie was caught in the Petawawa


This walleye was from the same trip:

The full trip report is here:

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2/16/2017 10:03 am  #3

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

why ,, so that every nimrod and native will be in fishing the spots where your person best was caught?
 rob, your catches are all over the internet, you are a moderator ,,
   what ever happen to the fishermans code of silence?

 kearney lake is too small a lake to be listed on this thread!
according to my research muskie`s are rare in algonquin park waters, not to mention difficult to catch. these fish are called a catch of one thousand casts or in real time 20 hours average on the water to catch one!
   holding these fish by the gills does not help in the release process. are you fishing barbless? i doubt it!!
      now, i will get slagged for promoting conservation, as every one should know by now, how the fishing quality of algonquin park has been suffering over the last few decades, with no sign/hope of recovery.

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2/16/2017 12:12 pm  #4

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

All due respect Swede, do you know how a community, or a shared passion/hobby dies? Secrecy. 

As someone who didn't necessarily grow up with camping and fishing being a normal family hobby, but something I developed a passion for in my early 20's, do you know where I learned most about it, where I got tips and information was? The internet. Places like this. With the help and guidance of senior members who have done it before, whether they knew it or not. And then I got out and did it.

In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons why participation in camping, fishing and hunting is declining (admittedly from members here that forum use has been diminishing consistently) is that it's treated as an old boys club. Which is very much the sense I get from your response to this topic. 

The implication that having these types of conversations doesn't promote conservationism is wrong. Both of my mentioned fish were released. The only ones I keep for a nice fish fry are 1-2 pounders.

On the whole, I agree that getting our there yourself and exploring is the best way to learn. But I see no harm in having these discussions. 

RobW - I read your trip log some time ago and really enjoyed it! That's an awesome walleye!

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2/16/2017 12:43 pm  #5

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

Well said, Basilthegood. Not everyone will agree with everything that is posted on these threads but I think we can stand to be more tactful in our responses. 

Now, having said that, stay tuned as I'll be posting a link shortly to my favorite spots for grenade fishing in the Park.


2/16/2017 3:46 pm  #6

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

The sensitivities around posting fishing information have given rise to some heated opinions over the years.

A compromise evolved over the years. It is to be found in the"Terms of Service for the New Forum".

The part relating to the posting of fishing info reads ...

Fishing Information Restriction

Over time, the forum community has developed the following policy. Those lakes which are identified on the MNR Fish Stocking List may be identified in forum postings. However, lakes that aren't on the MNR Fish Stocking List should not be identified if their area is 60 hectares or less, so as to help minimize possible impacts on native trout populations. Likewise, no "hot spot" locations (such as points, bays or co-ordinates) should be identified on any lakes regardless of their status. Reference to watersheds, lake groups and larger lake locations in general are acceptable .. but nothing more specific. To help forum users conform to this restriction, here's the link to the MNR Fish Stocking List and random examples of smaller lake sizes ...

Bissett 105 hectares
Rence 92 hectares
Hayes 75 hectares
Godda 60 hectares
Fraser 50 hectares
Shrew 40 hectares

This restriction has served well over the years, even going back into the original forum.

Swedish Pimple is right, in that the "bass" lake that was identified is well below the cut-off point for lake sizes. However, the lake size cut-off restriction was developed to address trout fishing, not the non-native smallmouth bass.

So, my posting the forum's restriction regarding fishing info is intended to remind readers of its focus on trout species' locations.


2/16/2017 6:47 pm  #7

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

    i was born and raised in "peterborough" the hub of the "kawartha lakes" region and being a member of "ontario federation of anglers and hunters" as well as a  member of "ontario out of doors" for 30 years has taught  me a lot. my dad was born and raised on "stoney lake, mc crackin`s landing" that, has helped give me a better understanding of mother nature, not to mention spending time with first nation people of "curve lake ". i ask you where have the walleye and muskie gone? pike are now in the water shed,, where did the "crappie" come from .  i know that answers, do you? 
      i father told me about a  "baptiste lake" speckle trout stream ,"mc gary flats " area that was dynamited, by americans. so it does/has happen in the past. no joke here. 
       as i keyboard my reply, gill nets have been placed in algonquin park lakes,with winter camps set up and 24/7 no limits fishing with live bait is happening. ministry (m.n.r.) people have told me about these activities. so i know what i am talking about. " the lakes look like swiss cheese from the air" i have been told over and over!!
        also, i noticed that the pike (from the photo) was bleeding badly, probably from the gill plates from the photo angle with blood also on the hands of the angler. the first rule of fishing is that you do not return a bleeding fish back into the lake,,, the fish will more than likely die a terrible slow death from a fungus , or disease caused by the hook barb wounds. catch and release  is much more successful when the barbs on the hook are pinched . the less handling the better! if the protective slim is reduced , or removed from the fish again it will also die a slow death.
        i have been involved with top of the house m.n.r. reps. over the years, plus ontario m.n.r. ministry reps at "queen`s park" about bringing in better fishing regs that reflect the amount of over fishing that  is taking place. so far with out any luck. i have pushed for reduced creel limits for specks and lake trout. who needs five trout limit in the park. unlimited bass season and creel limits, like northern ontario regions to help ease the pressure on native trout populations. and also that algonquin park should be a barbless fishing zone like "quetico park". 
        with over 3000 kms of logging roads accessing the park from all points . the pressure is on all the natural resources that the park hosts.  these lakes will  never be the same, yet "algonquin park" staff still market the park as a "world class trout fishery". which is so far from the truth!!  limit your catch ,not catch your limit ,as they say. but people with big city attitudes really do not seem to care.  
       i usually rant about too much fishing info on the  world wide web once a year. 


2/17/2017 12:57 am  #8

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

I love your passion for preservation!  Your delivery is a little rough around the edges, but the message gets through loud and clear.  I share your love for the outdoors and protecting/preserving the resources we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

Both of my largest came within a 48 hour span one spring about five years ago and both were returned to the water unharmed using barbless hooks.  This beauty of a speckled trout caught along the Petawawa River system on a black and gold rapala X-rap was the largest of four I caught within about 45 minutes (15", 17", 19" and 23" in length):

And a day or two later I was surprised when I landed this 23" smallie out of Happy Isle Lake.  It was rather lean after a long winter under the ice and didn't provide the classic battle that smallmouth typically do (due to the cooler spring water, I expect).  But I was giddy with excitement!

And I still have that's not as white as she used to be, but it fits like no other!


2/17/2017 8:05 am  #9

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

@BarryB - I appreciate the memory refresher on the fishing info restrictions. I'd familiarized myself with them previously and have read some of the mentioned heated discussions. I didn't think speaking to the angling of non-native species would elicit the same response as speaking to a trout honeyhole would. Quite the contrary, most of the fishing discussions I've read encourage it. I've caught just one trout in my time in Algonquin....while targeting smallmouth!

@Swedish - I'm glad I could supply a platform for your annual rant. By no means was I doubting your knowledge of the area. I too am a member of OFAH, Muskies Canada, and Ducks Unlimited for what its worth. Granted you sound like you have some years on me. The point of this post wasn't to fish for hot spots (pun intended) but to see what kind of trophies have come out of the park in past years. I've amended my original post not to include lake information. Perhaps if members want to chat about it we can take it offline. 

@PaPaddler - Beauty Spec! I'd seen that smallie in your trip report previously!

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2/18/2017 7:33 am  #10

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

I cant remember what lake its from but it was just over 6lbs.  East side of the park.

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2/18/2017 9:20 pm  #11

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

Just want to point out that both the fish named in basilthegood's original post, a Booth Lake pike and a Kearney Lake smallmouth, are invasive to their respective lakes and a major threat to trout populations in those watersheds. Just like pikeare a threat to muskie in the Kawartha Lakes (I assume they got there through the Trent-Severn Waterway?). We should totally be encouraging harvest of those species in those parts of the park, from a conservation perspective.


2/21/2017 8:52 am  #12

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

DanPM wrote:

Just want to point out that both the fish named in basilthegood's original post, a Booth Lake pike and a Kearney Lake smallmouth, are invasive to their respective lakes and a major threat to trout populations in those watersheds. Just like pikeare a threat to muskie in the Kawartha Lakes (I assume they got there through the Trent-Severn Waterway?). We should totally be encouraging harvest of those species in those parts of the park, from a conservation perspective.

Yup absolutely. 
While up in Tom Thompson lake a few years ago or so I was expecting it to be predominantly trout in the lake.  My group and I did not catch one trout, but we caught 9-10 smallmouth bass.  We kept two for lunch one day.  Perhaps we should have kept more.


2/23/2017 8:11 pm  #13

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

I like the thread basilthegood I too would love to see pics of fish from the park gets me excited about the coming season. As long as the lake name isn't given and there's no distinctive way to identify the spot or lake then lets see em. id post some of mine but can never figure out how to download them.


2/28/2017 3:53 pm  #14

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

I will give you the Personal Best  lures my son and I have used over the years to catch our PB  Brook Trout   3+ lbs  and PB Laker 5+ lbs  in Algonquin Park     all back country  camping,

EGB's   for both PB    Brook Trout      and   EGB   and Jig and White Grub for our PB  Lakers over 5 lbs.       one lake can be accessed by canoe and other takes a bit of bushwacking to get to now,   but 20 years ago you could pretty much Canoe into it.     

we have also had success trolling with Blue Fox spinners with Blue Blades and body and with Red Blades and body.   also some success with the Pink ones as well.    

I will give you our Personal Best day of fishing in Algonquin Park      for Lake Trout.

Our Personal Best Day was on a very small lake , we also bushwacked into this lake as well, I and think we caught and released 20 - 25 Lakers in about 2 hours,  never moving the canoe more than 20' - 30' from the first orginial strike, ,  we where in about  60' of water but these Lakers where feeding in the top 10'      pretty much every cast we got a strike ,  all these lakers where in the 22" - 24"  range .  I know on the one cast I jerked the lure out of a Lakers mouth only to have another hit it before it got 5' away from the one I missed,   we figure they where feeding on a huge school of minnows,    my son and I looked at each other when the bite finally stopped laughed at each other at how crazy it had been and also knowing we would probably never experience something like this again.     and we have never come close.

Spring is just around the corner......


3/01/2017 1:07 pm  #15

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

Hi Kenny,  Blue Fox has a wide variety of spinners-  could you be more specific?  LOL 


3/03/2017 12:17 pm  #16

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

I agree with Swedishpimple about naming lakes in public forums. I talked to a lad when I was up in Barrys Bay ice fishing who told me the secret to ice fishing in algonquin park is to drill close to shore so you can hide when you hear a plane coming. Didn't know poaching was such a problem.

Edit- This fish was released right after photo. Didn't get a measurement, and didn't hold it by the gills ;) . Hope I'm making you proud Swedishpimple 

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3/03/2017 12:38 pm  #17

Re: What's Your Personal Best?

Lenny wrote:

the secret to ice fishing in algonquin park is to drill close to shore so you can hide when you hear a plane coming.

wow. I knew it was a problem, but geez.

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