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8/30/2016 9:02 am  #1

Headed up soon

Has anyone been out recently? Where did you go? How are the trails?


8/31/2016 7:18 am  #2

Re: Headed up soon

Hi Spicol,
I did the WUT third loop on the August 6th weekend. I went clock-wise, taking the 'shortcut' portage to Lady Slipper Lake and staying overnight on South Pincher. The trail was in very good shape, with only a couple of fallen trees to contend with. The Rain Lake access point was super busy, and parking was very challenging (vehicles were parked in every imaginable way). Rain and Islet were abuzz with hikers and canoeists, but it was much quieter on other parts of the trail (I only met one solo hiker and a trio outside of the Rain/Islet range). 



9/08/2016 9:05 am  #3

Re: Headed up soon

Thanks, Rich.

I ended up on Highland with my 12-year old. It was her first time so we didn't want to do anything huge - just to Provoking for two nights and back. The weather cooperated, although one night did get down to 5C, and the trail was in fine shape with little mud. She did great on the way in - the way out was a little tougher but she made it and wants to go again. Saw a wolf cross the road in front of us on the drive out. That's a first for me. It stopped on the side of the road and stared as we drove by so we got a great look.

I was surprised by the amount of algae in Provoking. We swam, but it wasn't too pleasant.

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