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9/07/2016 7:32 am  #1

pics from smugmug?

anyone know how to share pics from smugmug? i tried writing up a repor with pics to share but the pics were not coming up.

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9/07/2016 9:43 pm  #2

Re: pics from smugmug?

I had trouble posting from smugmug until I realized i had to be logged in on smugmug. If i just went to the site and tried to copy the url it never worked, but after i signed in, i was able to find the photo i wanted, click the share button under it, click on "choose a size" and then copy the url and bring it over here. Then click on the bluish photo icon above the editing pane, and paste the copied url. Tada!
  That's what I get when I'm not logged in... :-(


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