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7/06/2016 4:58 pm  #1

Canada Day at Harry Lake

Hi Gang,

Here's a full trip log with hi-res photos from last weekend.  Let me know if you were in the area recently or went through.  I love hearing other people's impressions of areas which contradict or expand my own!

I'll hopefully get the videolog accompaniment done this weekend, so stay tuned!




7/06/2016 6:57 pm  #2

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Nice report! Stayed on that site on Harry a few years back. It's a good one. Notice any leeches in Harry? I recall there being a lot.


7/06/2016 9:58 pm  #3

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Nice report. Thanks for sharing and glad you had a good time. I was also in the park that w/e with Christinecanoes and agree that the bugs were a real pain but not nearly as bad as I experienced in May when I was out. Guess we have to take the good with the bad 😏


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7/08/2016 11:53 pm  #4

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

RC - Yeah, there were some big ones, the classic "red stripe" ones I've seen around central Algonquin.  There were also big tadpoles, crayfish by the dozen, and tonnes of baitfish,

No doubt there's fish drawn to the lake, but I'd have to go deep or find moving water to get them.

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7/10/2016 9:57 pm  #5

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Great report Ian!

I've never been to this part of the park.  I've done up a couple route ideas for it but never ended up going there.  Perhaps a trip to that area is in the near future for me maybe.


7/11/2016 9:35 am  #6

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Great job!  Such a beautiful area.  
I did Pen-Harry-Louisa the third week of May this year with my 10 year old son. Had a bit of all four seasons that week.   We had 2 nights on that same site on's a nice one.  Had the whole lake to ourselves.  Didn't catch a thing on Harry but had some luck on both Pen and Louisa.
Such a difference in water levels...that dock at the put in to Pen was about ten feet out from shore and we had no issues on the Galipo from Pen to Welcome. 


8/02/2016 11:52 pm  #7

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Phew! took longer than a week, but I finally sat down and stitched this together:


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8/03/2016 6:44 am  #8

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Nice vid Ian. Those yahoos who camped across the lake from you, not only left a fire smouldering, they'd dragged a few rocks away from the firepit and set up a second stone ring! Trouble with that is that it could have set the underground combustible material to smouldering too. Then a stiff wind could blow up and set things on fire. An official firepit is just that, a FIREPIT .. a pit of sand and/or gravel with a ring of stones on top .. keeping the fire apart from underground combustibles. Too many campsites get burned-out by campers like those!


8/03/2016 9:39 am  #9

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Good video! Nice to get a tour of a bunch of sites all in one vid. I've stayed on Harry's but not for years - can't even remember what campsite I was on. I remember I had the lake to myself and that wolves were howling overnight. Was pretty cool. 


8/03/2016 12:04 pm  #10

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Thanks folks, I really enjoy making these videos and it's always nice to hear people other than myself enjoy them.

Barry, you're right on the nose with that assessment.  They had just thrown a rock on their coals and gone.  We didn't get there for at least 2 hours later.  We got it as out as we could, but worried about root systems. 

Rest of the lake really is wonderful, but at that time of year I'd think twice about going through the creek between Welcome and Pen

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8/03/2016 5:05 pm  #11

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

Very nice. Looks like your first morning on Harry was a fabulous one. I too hate when people are so lazy and irresponsible w their fires. There is no excuse for it. Really appreciate the tour of the campsites as I've not visited this lake before. Has me thinking! mmmm.............


"Anyone can make love in a canoe, it's a Canadian who knows enough to take out the centre thwart!        Bahahaha!
                                                                      - Philip Chester

8/04/2016 8:30 am  #12

Re: Canada Day at Harry Lake

For the first time ever, I had to sign an Ontario Parks "waiver" when picking up my permit at Kearney. It was a stamp on the back of my permit that I had to sign. There was a list of "do nots" and I was surprised about this. Apparently all permit offices should be doing this. But is it too late at that point to let someone know who's new to backcountry camping, (that has already packed cans and bottles) that they are a no-no? Or that cutting live trees is a no-no, and making new fire pits is a no-no, and to always make sure your fire is out before leaving the site? Obviously those are only a few small violations.

I often wonder if something can be done at the time of booking a reservation. That way the individual or group have an idea of the major no-no's when preparing for a camping trip. Would that help elevate the disrespect and violations popping up in the park? 

I wasn't too happy when we paddled up to a site on McIntosh and found over 10lbs of fruit tossed in the bush that we later had to burn and get rid of. But maybe a few tips when booking can educate people. Maybe that is too much. But I don't think it's too much to make someone aware at the time of booking of the don'ts when it comes to camping in Algonquin Park or anywhere else for that matter! 

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