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7/01/2016 1:23 pm  #1

Understanding it all

So I am renting all gear. I am going in for 2 nights. Water... I take from lake and purify? It really works lol
I'm figuring I will use camp stove and not build a fire yet.
That can wait til second trip.
I'm most worried about water
I think it's odd that we have these straws that purify water.
Oh and bugs.. I have the nets for hat and body.
How do I keep them out of tent?

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7/01/2016 1:40 pm  #2

Re: Understanding it all

For the bugs just do your best to keep the zipper of your tent done up as much as you can.  Open it only to get in and out and zip it right back up.  It's impossible to keep ALL the bugs out but you should be ok.

As for water, yes you can boil water for drinking.  You can also use a purification system like a drip or pump model, or the straws (which are only really good for sipping...not good for purifying large amounts of water).   Don't shy away from using a fire to boil up your water.  Just make sure you let the water come to a rolling boil for a good few minutes.

Are you car camping or back country tripping?  If you are car camping then I'd suggest you just bring a large jug of water.


7/01/2016 2:35 pm  #3

Re: Understanding it all

You have lots of water options. As Steve says, boiling for several minutes works just fine, but of course uses up a fair bit of stove fuel plus you need to wait a bit before bottling or drinking it. Purification tablets/liquid is another option, but you need to wait for the purification to complete (which may be up to a couple of hours for full effect). I like using a filter as it works instantly. If you're planning future hiking trips, I can almost guarantee you that you won't regret purchasing one! I have a gravity one as per the link below and really love it. If you decide to buy it, be sure to read the tips in the review section on the MEC site (plus instructions with the product) to make sure you get the maximum efficiency from it.

The good news is that black flies are nearly done now. Mosquitoes and deer flies are still out in force though. Bring repellant as I suspect you don't want to have the netting on you the entire time, especially in times when the bugs are light. Plus there may be some contact points where bugs can get around (I don't know for sure though as I don't use netting).

As for gear renting, I'd recommend letting the rental place know that this is your first backcountry trip, solo, and that you're looking for easy, reliable and lightweight gear where possible. As Dave said in the other thread, many forum members will be happy to give you more info/advice as needed. Feel free to post the equipment pieces you plan to rent and we can help fill in any gaps. There are lots of good sites outlining gear needs for multi-day excursions as well. Have you explored food options yet? 



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7/02/2016 3:13 pm  #4

Re: Understanding it all

I am booked!! Yay! One week and I will be in.
Backpack booked with Algonquin Outfitters. Am told they take care of everything, including food. I have one dilemma. Tea -- I have to drink my tea but I need a splash of milk. What does everyone use?

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7/03/2016 10:17 am  #5

Re: Understanding it all

Hi Sammy,

Glad to hear you're being fully taken care of by the Outfitters! As for milk in your tea, I would think that powdered milk would suffice (I always use powdered milk or coffee whitener for my coffee). 



7/03/2016 10:17 am  #6

Re: Understanding it all

Don't drink tea or coffee myself but have tripped with people who just use a bit of powdered milk or even the small individual milk containers you get from mcdonalds or Tim hortons.


7/03/2016 10:56 am  #7

Re: Understanding it all

Bulk Barn sell dry whole milk, but it's not instant. bring a small 250ml Nalgene, fill about 1/2 full with water, and the dry milk and shake the p*** out of it for a couple of minutes, make your tea and give the milk another shake and you're good to go.


7/03/2016 3:04 pm  #8

Re: Understanding it all

I think coffee mate now makes a small squeeze/squirt bottle of 'whitener" that doesn't need to be chilled.


7/03/2016 3:15 pm  #9

Re: Understanding it all

Thanks Everyone! I took everyone's advice. EU lake first then Maggie's Lake West. I hope West is marked? then 3rd day will be out. Excited for this trip and nervous  Hope to see some of you on the trail!! If you see the lost looking gal, that would be me 

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