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5/06/2016 8:20 am  #1

Best Camping Drink

Hi all,

What do you like to drink when you go camping?

Here's my favourite:
Step 1: Fill up nalgene, add tablet, shake and wait half an hour. 
Step 2: Add 4oz of canadian club and white pine needles as well as  lemon juice if you have it (which I usually don't)
Step 3: Drink

Best part is no hangover and you still stay somewhat hydrated! 

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5/06/2016 9:37 am  #2

Re: Best Camping Drink

I usually drink whiskey straight, or chase it down with some iced tea made from the powdered mix.

As for during the day, i usually bring some gatorade powder mix and alternate between that and water.

Sometime's i've drank quite a bit the night before and i've never gotten a hang over in the park. My body just says no time for a hangover, it's canoeing time.


5/06/2016 1:46 pm  #3

Re: Best Camping Drink

I usually have whisky (in a plastic bottle) and drink it straight.

During the day I mostly drink water and when needed I'll have some Gatorade (powder).


5/07/2016 8:42 pm  #4

Re: Best Camping Drink

Vodka and lake/river water with tang

A mans gotta do, what a man's gotta do.

5/07/2016 10:14 pm  #5

Re: Best Camping Drink

Well for those back country trips where weight is a factor; Alcool, water and whatever flavouring is on hand.  A mickey of that stuff lasts a week if properly calibrated.....


5/12/2016 10:29 am  #6

Re: Best Camping Drink

My fave drink in the back country is water but followed very closely by a nice single malt, usually Laphroaig Quarter Cask.


5/12/2016 6:05 pm  #7

Re: Best Camping Drink

I usually premix a litre of margarita.  Pour in tin cup.  Add some lake water instead of ice.  A shot of strawberry mio.  Fins up!   


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