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4/22/2024 2:14 pm  #35

Re: Streamers and trolling flies

Yeah please post them when you get the chance! I'd love to see them!
I expanded my inventory of dressed hooks with a large quantity of single hooks, thinking the action of them on a spoon could be pretty enticing using a method of high test braid to attach them. I'll post a picture when I get a moment. Pretty eager to try them out and I'll report back on any success or lack there of. I feel like I really was able to cut down on extra space in my pack this year, only to be taken up by even more fishing gear  but I absolutely love it. Still a few more flies I want to tie up now that I think about it, but smaller ones with the remaining space I have in those fly boxes. Streamer box is LOADED.
Trip is less than 2 weeks out!


4/23/2024 8:43 am  #36

Re: Streamers and trolling flies

I'm gonna try a different technique this year that's popular amongst our southern friends who fish the Adirondacks. You tie on a 2-2.5" Williams Wobbler that you have removed the treble hook from, then tie on approximately 14-18" fluorocarbon, then a fly of your choice.  For me likely a streamer like an olive/brown zuddler or Mickey Finn variations due to the colors matching the dace that are present in the majority of Algonquins lakes and rivers. But I'm sure any streamer will be perfectly fine, especially this time of year when most trout are aggressive, shallow, and hungry.


4/23/2024 10:35 am  #37

Re: Streamers and trolling flies

Wow yes! I prepared to try the exact same setup! I have 3 williams wobblers so I took one, removed the hook and left it to tie on a fly exactly like you said! Thought of a big bugger, or some bunny strip streamers to give them extra flow would be good choices, but like you said at this time of year it probably won't matter much, just need to get it in front of them. I had heard of people going with a worm behind a spool like this, so I figured a fly should also be a great option back there. 

I also picked up a pack of those Wigglefin action discs, which are a small shaped pieces of plastic that vibrate your fly and you can adjust further up or closer to the fly for faster or slower presentations on the vibration. It just sits on a bobber stop so quick to move where you want it.

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4/24/2024 5:53 am  #38

Re: Streamers and trolling flies

Williams makes a spoon exactly for that purpose - Lake clear Wobblers. I have two that I bring every year but have not used yet lol. The technique is also used a lot in Québec.



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