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11/07/2023 8:13 pm  #1

The case of the missing Reservation Zone!

Drew has drawn our attention to there not being reservable campsites on either Barred Owl or Nod Lakes, when in reality three campsites exist on these lakes .. see
In documentation from the previous 2012 Algonquin Park Reservation Zone system, there's a reservation zone recorded as #522 which was incorrectly labelled "Lod and Bared Owl", with the accompanying comment "Nod and Barred Owl - are proper names". The zone is described as having 3 campsites, 2 of which could be reserved at any one time.

As Drew indicated, zone 522 wasn't included in the development of the redesigned online reservation system. I wonder if that reservation zone could be reserved verbally over the phone? Is anyone aware of other campsites "orphaned" out of the online reservation system?

Off hand, I can think of Robin Lake (NE of Crotch Lake) on which I visited a "signed" campsite many years ago .. which doesn't appear to have been associated with any reservation zone in the 2012 documentation.

If there are a substantial number of such "orphaned" campsites, we may collectively have a concern to try and get them re-introduced into the reservation system!



11/08/2023 6:53 am  #2

Re: The case of the missing Reservation Zone!

"Keep them orphaned and create an AA reservation system just for us" he said, half jokingly.


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