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6/08/2023 9:52 pm  #1

How long is too long?

For those of you who read trip reports, what's your preference in terms of length? Would you rather see a longer report broken up into multiple parts or do you want the whole thing at once?


6/10/2023 11:34 pm  #2

Re: How long is too long?

This is probably not the answer your looking for.  But I actually don’t have a preference.  I read many trip reports, my first thought is always the author is far more patient than I to:  take notes in the bush on the trip and/or write a report on his/her experiences.  So instead I just appreciate reading the report and the different formats and writing styles in the reports I read.


6/11/2023 9:15 pm  #3

Re: How long is too long?

{loop forever}{chant}All at once! All at once! All at once!{/chant}{/loop forever}


6/12/2023 8:27 am  #4

Re: How long is too long?

I prefer all at once, I don't mind if they have some length.  My own trip reports are very few and far between, but I always post them on AA, and infuse them with photos.  While I do try to watch my length....usually I just watch them run long, me, there are two elements I'm trying to cover:  1) Some storytelling within the narrative of a trip report, otherwise it is no more compelling than a weather report, 2) some facts and figures, by which I mean when I am planning a trip, I look up trip reports to see what I might encounter, and I try to return the favor when I'm putting one together.

So...that's what I do...but I like to see that in others' trip reports - storytelling plus some information about what I might expect on that particular route, and if that takes a few minutes to read through, no problem.


6/27/2023 12:23 pm  #5

Re: How long is too long?

Hey Drew, I don't think I've ever read a post from you and thought "wow, too long". On the other hand there are likely times where I've skipped a paragraph or two. Mid winter with a fresh coffee and I tend to read through happily. Summer releases tend to get more of a skim view with the thought that I'll read again when I'm not camping. I would suggest that editing is always a good thing and I'd keep to one release per trip. Multiple releases suggests maybe some stuff could have been cut out and also, I like to get to the end of a story in one go. Counter argument is that any TR is better than no TR. 

Used my Aerial in Killarney a few weeks ago BTW. Perched on a cliff. Enjoyed the experience but a little small maybe. My wife really enjoyed it (or maybe just getting away from me and the family in the  ground tent : )

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