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5/12/2023 8:31 pm  #1

extra charge for interior camping

I walked into the Canoe Lake office and stated I had not made a reservation but would like to book 3 nights on Bonechere Lake if possible. The guy in the office said it was wide open for that period and went ahead and booked me for 3 nights. Total cost was $50.56. I asked why so much. He stated it was $11 per night plus $11.50 for the reservation system. I stated that I had not used the system to reserve my nights. His answer was that more than one night can only be done by him going through the reservation system and for that I had to pay the additional $11.50. So if you're planning to go in for more than 1 night be prepared to pay the additional $11.50. By the way the blackflies started up on Thursday.


5/12/2023 9:10 pm  #2

Re: extra charge for interior camping

That seems silly. Wonder what would happen if you tried to book each night as separate transactions?


5/13/2023 5:31 am  #3

Re: extra charge for interior camping

I could be wrong, but I think this went into effect when ONparks revamped their reservation system (aka same year you could no longer see available sites without Site Scout). 


5/13/2023 7:36 am  #4

Re: extra charge for interior camping

So I guess it’s less a reservation fee, and more a booking fee. I remember a thread on here some time ago about this and there were a few people that had not been charged the fee on a walk up booking.


5/13/2023 3:43 pm  #5

Re: extra charge for interior camping

This isn’t an Ontario Parks thing. It’s a highway 60 thing. Most of AP outside of Hwy 60 and every park I’ve visited in Northern Ontario does not charge this booking fee. If I remember correctly from the last thread someone asked an OP employee and they said that OP left the decision up to each park or access point? I imagine eventually it will get charged everywhere as they ‘streamline/ standardize l’ things.

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5/14/2023 5:37 pm  #6

Re: extra charge for interior camping

The Regular Per Person rate has essentially stayed the same for the past decade, even though prices for everything else around us are inflating like crazy (including expenses for the park). If the park wants a couple extra bucks, I'd happily give it to them.

2013 Backcountry - $11.87 Per Person
2015 Backcountry  - $12.43 Per Person
2023 Backcountry  - $12.43 Per Person

.... just hoping the expensive flat rate per night model never actually happens.

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