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4/24/2023 2:45 pm  #1

What do you keep your water filter in?

Hi again!

I've got a Platypus GravityWorks water filter and love it to bits.  The bag it came in failed many years ago, and the plastic bag it's currently in is on it's last legs.  For those of us who enjoy the water filters of the world, I'm wondering what you do with them in your bag?  I like to compress it and keep it all together, so maybe a strap and wrap kind of thing?  A mesh bag?  Let me know your best solutions!



4/25/2023 8:06 am  #2

Re: What do you keep your water filter in?

I have a spare silnylon stuff sack that I keep my water bladders and hose for the gravity filter in. I use a Sawyer Squeeze; I also have a CNOC collapsible water bottle, which the Squeeze screws onto. So while travelling between sites, I keep the actual filter with the water bottle, so I can scoop up water whenever I need it and filter directly from the bottle to my mouth. The water bottle/filter combo works nicely when rinsing dishes and my toothbrush too! 

I have a wide mouth Nalgene for camp use. 

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4/25/2023 4:35 pm  #3

Re: What do you keep your water filter in?

I also use the Sawyer Squeeze with a CNOC bag (I have a 2L and a 3L). I filter into a Nalgene bottle at camp. The CNOC bag rolls up very small and I keep it with the filter in a small zippered Sea to Summit toiletry bag in my pack when not in use at the campsite.


5/02/2023 4:17 pm  #4

Re: What do you keep your water filter in?

good question. I use the platy gravity 2L and this thing is worth its weight in gold, period. I cant believe how many years back in the day all the water we consumed we actually boiled first (time time waiting to boil, then cool, + all the fire fuel and processing wood, my god). 

That being said, while we are camping I leave it out the whole trip. If its cold at night flirting with 0 deg I will bring the filter into the tent and wrap it in a jacket or sweater so it doesn't freeze. I transport to and home in the mesh bag it comes in, but I feel like that will break soon (on third filter now). Curious to see what other people do with this 


5/02/2023 5:41 pm  #5

Re: What do you keep your water filter in?

My Katadyn Pocket lives in its zippered, Cordura case. I enjoy sewing, so I'd have probably whipped one up myself if it hadn't come with one. 


5/03/2023 1:03 pm  #6

Re: What do you keep your water filter in?

I wound up getting a overly big mesh bag so the water can evaporate/dry.  I wrap the whole thing up and then put an elastic on it.  I'll try it out this month in a few weeks and see how it goes.  Might invest in a toiletries bag or a shoe washing bag.  
The whole thing lives in an external bag on the back of my pack for easy access, might wind up just letting it rumble around in there.

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