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11/08/2022 6:48 pm  #18

Re: WIA 608



11/09/2022 12:25 am  #19

Re: WIA 608

Forest Bay site on Galeairy?


11/09/2022 11:52 am  #20

Re: WIA 608

Maybe Little Island Lake?


11/09/2022 1:54 pm  #21

Re: WIA 608

Pags has got it. 

A wonderfully secluded campsite just before the port into Night lake.  

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11/10/2022 12:49 am  #22

Re: WIA 608

Stayed on that site a few times over 20 years ago.  But I wouldn't have recognized the view if I didn't just paddle it 2 weeks ago!  I don't have any photos to share at the moment, so someone please jump in.  Cheers!


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