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10/13/2022 10:10 am  #1


So let me throw this out there.
I am planning a no portage trip in early May on the north end of the park.
In all my years humping the park I have never done a no portage canoe trip into the back country.

This time of year can be very cool.
I know that gas chainsaws are verboten in the park but what about a quiet cordless small chainsaw?
The tranquility of the park has always been my focus but if this is a silent tool, is it still a no-go?

Please don’t crucify me for this question, my intent is to see what everyone else’s thoughts are.

Thank you,

Been humping in Algonquin for over 40 years!

10/13/2022 10:20 am  #2

Re: Chainsaw

While I certainly wouldn't want to hear one on a backcountry trip, it's worth noting that chainsaws are legal in the backcountry following Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know when that ends, presumably when the backcountry opens in the spring.

And you have me curious, if the regs cover a battery operated chainsaw, or if they just mentione small motors / engines.


10/13/2022 10:40 am  #3

Re: Chainsaw

All I can see in the Regs are gas engines/ motors.

Been humping in Algonquin for over 40 years!
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10/13/2022 11:20 am  #4

Re: Chainsaw

The noise restriction rules don’t seem to differentiate between gas and electric, they just say all chainsaws are forbidden between April 1 and Thanksgiving.


10/15/2022 7:47 am  #5

Re: Chainsaw

My guess is when these rules were written electric chainsaws weren't as popular as they are now. I have often thought about bringing along a small electric saw for basecamp trips, the noise is minimal and really there isn't much of a difference in using that vs. a hand saw. 
That being said I have brought a gas chainsaw on a few trips now in APP, Doesn't weigh much, takes up little space in the canoe and 1 full tank of fuel is generally enough wood for a few days of camping at the least so no need to bring extra gas.


10/18/2022 12:00 pm  #6

Re: Chainsaw

I just purchased a chainsaw that I plan on bringing with me on my trips to the park.  Where I go with my dad it is very remote (often drive-to) and there are not often others around.  We also go end of Oct to early Nov.  A couple years back a big storm blew through and knocked down a ton of trees.  Our exit got blocked but that was the first ever trip we brought a chainsaw and I am SO glad we did.  
This saw is very small and not too loud.  I looked at the battery operated ones and almost purchased an EGO brand but they all seem to have battery issues and they are crazy expensive to replace.  Also, the decibel level on the battery operated ones is still quite loud (louder than I had anticipated).

Here's the saw I bought: =13px

Expensive but I love how tiny it is - and it cuts like a total beast.

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