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8/08/2022 12:38 pm  #1

Crow River for Labour Day

I've just come back from a trip along the Nipissing River that got derailed because of water conditions (translation: poor planning on my part). It's got me worried about a trip I have booked over labour day that includes the Crow River between Big Crow and Lake Lavielle. Has anyone here done that route in early September? What are water levels like? I know each year is different, but is there a general consensus on what a typical September would look like for the Crow?


8/08/2022 2:38 pm  #2

Re: Crow River for Labour Day

I've gone downstream on the Crow a few times between Big Crow and Lavielle.  Same time of year, it was late September both times for me.  It was a loop though I continued along through Francis and paddled upstream on the Pet thru Radiant to Cedar.

I didn't have any problems, Water Level was about average both years.  Couple of spots maybe I poled along for a bit, over all no issues.

I'm jealous I'd like to visit that area of the park again...maybe next year.


8/08/2022 3:54 pm  #3

Re: Crow River for Labour Day

Went down to Lavieille and back up in late September 2019 solo. There was enough water and minimal upstream walking most of which occurred  a little downstream from Crow Lake when coming back upstream.
Water levels can be fickle, of course.


8/10/2022 8:08 pm  #4

Re: Crow River for Labour Day

Went down the crow a week ago.  Water levels seemed pretty low through the park but the section between Big Crow and Lavieille didn't have any real issues.  The only minor problem I  faced was the downstream landings at a couple of the portages were quite steep because of the low water.


8/16/2022 6:14 pm  #5

Re: Crow River for Labour Day

I did the same route solo last September. It was good trip other than it was windy and the site that I wanted on Crow was taken, I spent almost 6 hours from the water taxi to the Crow site.
I always enjoy paddling down the Crow river.

Enjoy your trip,

Been humping in Algonquin for over 40 years!

8/18/2022 1:52 pm  #6

Re: Crow River for Labour Day

I did a 3-night solo (labor day weekend) on what I'm assuming is the same loop as yourself (big crow-lavielle-little dickson).

The water levels were low for that year as well (2019). There were a few spots before the 1220M portage that I dragged for maybe 10m, but nothing to write home about.

On a side note, I read your trip report of the failed loop, and you would have nothing to worry about in comparrison. The "poor trip experience" PTSD is a real thing I experienced after being windbound on a big lake. You question routes from a different perspective. 

PS. don't forget your rod on this one. DM me if you want to learn more lol (including choice sites, done this loop 4 times)

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