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7/25/2022 9:01 am  #1

Campsite/fishing recommendations on Eastern North Tea Lake

Hi friends! First time poster.

I'll be taking my family (wife and four teenagers, 6 total) into North Tea Lake for three nights in a few days. I've done about five Quetico trips, but this will be my first time in Algonquin, and I couldn't be more excited. Half of us are pretty experienced in the Q, while the other half are relatively new to the backcountry experience. Do you have any campsite recommendations for campsites in Eastern North Tea Lake? I've read the Northern shore is good for swimming/beaches, but the better fishing seems to be closer to the Southern shore of the lake. I was thinking about the island campsites of 41, 42, or 43 if they are available. I've always found the wind on islands can keep the bugs down (of course, if a big storm comes that is another issue...).

Also, I'd love to hear any fishing advice for smallies or trolling/jigging for lakers!

Thanks for any input, and paddle on!!


7/25/2022 9:52 am  #2

Re: Campsite/fishing recommendations on Eastern North Tea Lake

just explore,, where is the sense of algonquin adventures gone,, especially if you have Q experiences


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