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6/09/2022 10:59 pm  #1

Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Looking at some routes that might take me through Tim River in September and have a couple questions

1) Approx. how many beaver dams are there between Queer—Shah, and Shah—Shippagew? Jeff's Map shows about 5 between Queer and Shah, and 2 more between Shah and Shippagew. The map is some years old now, has anyone been through in recent years to confirm if that sounds about right?

2) Travelling solo, in typical early/mid September water levels, will I need to unload my boat to carry over each dam like this, or are they small and easy to drag over without destroying the bottom of the canoe? 

3) Are the rapids that need to be paddled after the 275m actually rapids, or are they closer to the very mild 'rapids' that need to be paddled on the Amable Du Fond just after the 310m portage west of Kiosk?

4) General thoughts on the two stretches Queer—Shah and Shah—Shippagew? I've read accounts of people saying the second half can be long and not too exciting. I have two routes in mind; my plan would be to camp on Little Trout Creek campsite regardless, but either exit at Shah or do a long day down to Shippagew. Is the extra stretch worth doing?

Thanks in advance

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6/10/2022 7:01 am  #2

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

1 & 2: Did the Tim River from Queer to Shippagew in Oct 2020. You are heavily overthinking the beaver dam situation - they were so insignificant, I don't even recall crossing any - but I'm sure they're there. Hell, even if there were 7 dams over a few dozen kms - is that really going to make you choose a different route? You're a canoe tripper!
3: Small swift, not rapids. You're good to paddle them in either direction without issue. While every situation is slightly different, when there is no rapid classification, you can safely assume it's a swift. That doesn't mean get reckless and go run it without looking - it just means a swift is not a rapid, and can usually be traversed in both directions. YMMV.

4. I camped at Little Trout Creek. Nice little site. Heard wolves. I did my 2nd night at the last lone campsite on the Tim River before continuing on to Shippagew. If you haven't been to Shippagew, go for it. Nice little lake. If you have, maybe save the effort and cut out early at Shah. Can't go wrong either way.

Overall though, don't worry about beaver dams, it's a non-issue (regardless of how many little brown dots you see on the map).

My report from the area:
T104: Tim River - Shippagew - Devine - Rosebary

Edit: Corrected September to October

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6/10/2022 8:20 am  #3

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Cody, the last time we ran into each other in the park (2019?), the upper Pet was far worse than the Tim as far as dams and water levels go.  I was paddling a Souris River Q16 solo.  

We paddled from Queer to Shippagew, about 10.5 hours in low water with some fishing, snack stops, swim etc.  Single carried all ports, 3 canoes - 2 of us solo.  The tandem boat was far slower with the extra weight causing them to bottom out far more often, taking longer to pull over dams or obstructions. 

Any swift water or rapids will be mild or non-existent in early Sept. 

The worst part for me personally was a big lilly pad/weedy section between the portage to Stag and the port to Shippagew.  With the low water levels that year, it was a struggle to propel my boat through that mess (although I also had a 50lb fur companion who doesn't do her fair share of paddling).

Shippagew is a pretty lake, and the main peninsula site there is a beauty with a sunset view. 

From Shippagew, we paddled out through Longer to White Trout for lunch and a swim, then camped in grassy bay.  From there we travelled upstream on the Pet to Misty (where we crossed paths), and out to the car from Misty. 



6/10/2022 9:10 am  #4

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

@Peek, don't worry I wasn't going to choose another route because of the dams Those huge dams like in the picture I linked are just a pain when I travel solo because I need to completely unload and reload my boat to get across. If I had to deal with a ton of those then I'd probably add a second night camping on the river. But based on what you've said, one night on Little Trout Creek then pushing through to Shippagew in one day seems realistic. Thanks for the extra info, will check out your trip report.

@Mike, thanks for the info. The dam picture I linked was from the Pet from that trip lol. I remember seeing on the Algonquin advisories that the Tim had basically dried up and people were reporting it was the worst they've ever seen... if you made it through the Tim in those water levels without too much complaint, then I'm sure it won't be too bad for me. Any reason you chose the portage through Longer instead of through Blue?

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6/10/2022 10:51 am  #5

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Mostly just to fish the bottom of the raps on Longer, which were so dried up it was futile anyway. 

We had to rent a canoe from Basecamp for that trip, Chris mentioned the water was super low and wasn't sure if it would be a slog fest or not.  Spent a lot more time dragging the canoes up the Pet than dragging down the Tim for sure.  



6/10/2022 12:12 pm  #6

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

I just got back from canoeing the Tim River in Mid May.  I canoed the Tim from the Queer Lake Portage down to Shippagew.  I spent one night on the farm remnants site.  It was a great trip, water levels were high.  That stretch of the Tim I doubt is effected by lower water.  There were wasn’t really anything for beaver dams as I recall, there was one take out where a tree fell across the river wasn’t a big deal at all, I was travelling solo.

Fall of last year I paddled down the Tim from the Stag Lake portage.  No issues either,  Shippagew is a nice lake with two sites, so if you make a booking chances are you’ll be on the lake alone.  If you enjoy river travel then I recommend the trip.  I’ve got another trip booked down the Tim in early October.
As far as the "rapids" after the 275, they weren't rapids at all.  There is a large rock in the middle of the river, no fast water just current.  Very easy to paddle around, in low water the rock would probably be above water in my case it was a paint scraper.   Pm me if you have any further questions I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

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6/10/2022 8:38 pm  #7

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Went upriver from Shippagew last August.  Water levels were a little high for that time of year and I didn't notice any dams between Shippagew and Queer. For the few upstream from Queer was able to either paddle up or at least got halfway up - no wet feet.

I like little rivers so I enjoyed it.  Plenty of moose.


6/11/2022 9:34 am  #8

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Thank you everyone for the info

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6/11/2022 6:20 pm  #9

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Did the whole Tim River - from access point #2 through to Shippagew June of 2021 - i'd mirror all of Peek's points. the low water hell is between Tim Lake through Rosebary and then beaver dam hell is on the Tim from the Longbow Lake dam through to the Little Trout Creek campsite, after that it's literally a few paddle overs....very light, very easy. both those campsites on the Tim are great. beautiful stretch of river. enjoy the trip. we went through top of Shippagew to Longer Lake and down BigTrout, beautiful trip. loved the route

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6/12/2022 7:18 pm  #10

Re: Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September)

Thanks Lukatch, appreciate the info

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