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4/04/2022 7:53 pm  #1


4/04/2022 8:06 pm  #2

Re: WIA #573

Little Misty?


4/04/2022 8:14 pm  #3

Re: WIA #573



4/05/2022 7:24 am  #4

Re: WIA #573

is this Whitson?

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4/05/2022 10:49 am  #5

Re: WIA #573

Robinson L?


4/05/2022 12:49 pm  #6

Re: WIA #573

Barron River?


4/05/2022 2:19 pm  #7

Re: WIA #573

Diana has it. I was thinking of it as the start of Five Mile Rapids since the picture was taken from the start of that portage as we were having lunch, but that makes it the end of Coveo Lake.

Darn, I had hopes this one might take a while to figure out. I was even congratulating myself on not picking a shot from Whitson, but then I slowed down and read Diana's answer. I guess I need to either get more trips in this year, or talk about them less so that I'll have more new pictures to choose from. 

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4/06/2022 7:30 am  #8

Re: WIA #573

Rob, the fall colours (and the weather)  certainly suggested your Petawawa trip last fall, and the broken trees on the right were what made me think of Coveo Lake.  The matching skyline in this shot I took in 2018 confirmed that first impression.

I'll get a new WIA up soon.


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