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6/15/2020 12:30 pm  #1

(Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Hi Folks!,

Wondering if anyone knows where one can download the geo tiff file (I think it's geo tiff I'm looking for?) of the latest (former) Jeff's map of the park...  I've downloaded the regular jpg/kmz files, however these don't seem to load into Avenza Maps app so I'm looking specifically for the geo tiff file.  I ask as I noticed that the domain expires next year, and I'm concerned that if/once the domain expires I won't be able to download this map again into my Avenza maps app on my next phone (thinking ahead to the future here I know)...  I really love using this map/app combo so don't want to lose it...

Note I'm certainly not a GIS expert here, so I could be mistaken here, but I believe it's a geo tiff file that is downloaded in Avenza maps store via link on  I say this as I've made geo tiff maps, then saved them on my Google drive, which I've then downloaded into my Avenza Maps app on my phone.  If it's actually the jpg or kmz file format, or something else, then please correct me...  Hopefully I'm explaining my inquiry correctly here lol...

Many thanks in advance!


6/15/2020 12:50 pm  #2

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

check PM buddy!


6/15/2020 5:30 pm  #3

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Peek to the rescue again.


7/02/2020 11:55 pm  #4

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Also looking for this!  Ordered a map a few weeks ago and received nothing!  Wish i had known they were not sending out product despite taking my 💰!!



7/03/2020 7:43 am  #5

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

check email


9/25/2020 8:38 am  #6

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Could someone please send this to me as well?  This year I thought I'd try using my phone/GPS.

Thank you!


9/25/2020 9:18 am  #7

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Jeffs map is dead.  Had to do a chargeback after ordering and not receiving anything.  Not available for gps/phone unless you want just a picture of the map.   I found 'back country navigator' to be reliable in the park.  Find it on android/apple store.


9/25/2020 12:04 pm  #8

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

I wouldn't say so.  (Yes, I do normally use the JPG of the map.)

Avenza can add a map from a file.  The geospatial information accompanies the JPG in a ZIP file.  It is not terribly difficult to prepare using several choices of GIS software.  I just do not have time before leaving on this trip. :-)


10/02/2020 7:14 am  #9

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Peek wrote:

check PM buddy!

Id like in on this too.


3/20/2022 6:01 pm  #10

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Does anybody have the avenza map version of jeffs map that works with the GPS still? I have a map downloaded but the GPS doesn't work for it.

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3/21/2022 11:42 am  #11

Re: (Former) Jeff's Map Geo TIFF?

Link in your pm’s


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