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10/26/2021 4:06 pm  #1

Best video editing software

For those who make videos of their trips, what software do you use/recommend?


10/27/2021 10:39 am  #2

Re: Best video editing software

I'm currently using Cyberlink PowerDirector. My version is a few years old by now but works OK. That's working on Windows. 

I used to use Windows Movie Maker but it isn't around with current versions of Windows, at least not that I know of. However I just found out that they have added a Video Editor to the Windows Photos app, so that would be a free option to check out. 



10/29/2021 4:18 pm  #3

Re: Best video editing software

I've tried a couple of videos this year using the free version of Lightworks. Thought I would see if i liked it enough to purchase.

To do things well there is a lot to learn.  Like any software, I suspect if I was using it regularly it'd be easier and also powerful enough to create some good looking videos.  Interested to see what other responses you get.  Going to have a look at Rob's suggestion to start.


10/30/2021 4:22 pm  #4

Re: Best video editing software

Vegas Movie Studio (former Sony). It's very sophisticated and allows for lots of tricks, but it was a steep learning curve for me. Instruction book by Steve Grisetti was of big help, though its cost was on par with the cost of the software. The Vegas suite includes also a DVD-authoring software, but it's not that attractive any more considering huge loss of quality when transferring current high-quality video to DVD.


10/31/2021 3:07 pm  #5

Re: Best video editing software

I have been using Pinnacle Studio for awhile now and even invested with their upgrades over the last few years which I guess say's I'm pretty happy with this software. Sorry, I can't comment  or supply comparatives on the other options articulated in this thread but will attempt to supply my views on Pro's/Cons" with Pinnacle.

The software is robust and offers a ton of transition, audio and special effects. but at a cost (It ain't cheap at least with my pocket book )

DVD rendering (and BlueRay) is very straight forward and offers features that you can leverage in getting creative, supplying a menu (with special effects) on the DVD as well as options to include by selecting specific episodes, etc.

I like the ergonomics of how to use the software but it does take a little time to learn thier approach in how to compose videos. (drag/drop, timelines, fade in/out, etc. etc.). However, once you figure it out, it becomes pretty easy. The only issues again is they have so many options, it take forever, to wade through them all to make a decision.on the choice. 

They offer a video studio / tutorial edition that teaches not only their features but also movie making special effects and composition which is great. BUT as expected, that's at a cost as well. Sigh.  I think though you could get this add on feature when you make the initial purchase.  

Hope that helps.  Good luck !


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11/01/2021 8:07 am  #6

Re: Best video editing software

Final Cut Pro for me. If you already have an Adobe subscription then it probably makes sense to learn Premier

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3/14/2022 2:28 pm  #7

Re: Best video editing software

I have always used Cyberlink Power Director. I have not tried other editors but find Cyberlink has all the features I need. I just need to try and take some more footage while out there!  

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