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5/25/2021 12:26 pm  #1

can you tie a fly or buck tail jigg ????

any one out there that ties streamer flies and buggers ,, bead heads would be ideal. also  jiggs made with real buck tails.  
       i would be interested in checking them out,, i do source some flies from reel
    great site ,,  thanks

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2/10/2022 10:30 am  #2

Re: can you tie a fly or buck tail jigg ????

Hey SP, a big X2 on website.  I have over 30 flies from them, and a couple fly boxes, and consider their products to be way above average in quality and appearance, not to mention their pricing is incredibly reasonable compared with other fly fishing sites.  And the service so far has been amazing.


2/10/2022 11:21 am  #3

Re: can you tie a fly or buck tail jigg ????

hi good morning,
          yes that is correct. i get most my flies from reel flies as well.  sometimes i will make the drive to oshawa and hit sail for flies.  i have my favs. bullet heads sink the best.  i have dozens of hand tied buck tail bass flies. some are very old, i like digging into old tackle boxes. i slip a small egg hook over the barb of the hook on the fly to add a stringer hook for slurpy trout. l.o.l.
  i am thinking about using a sinking leader of some sort,  for little more depth while using my lead core special. 
    thanks for the suggestions

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