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11/20/2021 6:12 pm  #69

Re: How do you solo trip without freaking out?

No, we only fish when my husband comes and he cleans all the fish. I’ve never really got into fishing although I don’t mind going fishing with others if they know what they are doing.

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11/20/2021 8:02 pm  #70

Re: How do you solo trip without freaking out?

Many years ago I did a solo trip from Squirrel Rapids to the campsite at the beginning of the portage trail to Opalescent and back.   I did feel a bit uneasy because shortly before that trip a canoe camper in La Verendrye had been attacked by a bear.  One the way in I did see a bear swimming across the river.  I can't recall having any worries on any of the other solo canoeing or backpacking trips I have done.


12/02/2021 5:18 pm  #71

Re: How do you solo trip without freaking out?

Heh heh... I bought and watched that again recently "Cast Away". I was surprised that I almost completely missed the significance of the female welder at the beginning.

At 67, I probably have more "alone time" than the average person but nothing recent. I probably wouldn't recommend it due to the safety factor; also not to get really creepy but the Park has changed and (I am sure) so have the animals. In my case too many falls, fires, explosions and freeze-ups like when you try to get some water in the morning (it used to be possible to do this) and your pot literally goes CLUNK on the invisible, glass-like sheet of ice that has formed overnight.

There is nothing like having the midnight beavers shift come on duty in the middle of what you thought would be a nice place to camp.

I used to carry some powdered magnesium and birch bark in case of bears and of course in my day there were no cell phones, GPS or "SPOT" devices.

Watching some of these new-fangled trail cams that reveal night-time activity is a good idea. There's lots of video on-line.

I'll repeat that I have a book called Wildlife Trails Across Canada by Hugh M. Halliday. It contains a nice account of hiking and sleeping out under the stars alone in the Smoke Lake area IIRC, in the 1950's. This link contains a small image. Good luck finding a copy... I know I have it but I'm not sure where it is right-now-this-minute. One of these days I'll probably scan a couple of the pages about A.P.


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