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11/05/2021 10:37 am  #1

WiA No.: 525

As usual, wishing I was here right now - where is it?


11/05/2021 10:41 am  #2

Re: WiA No.: 525

i am thinking catfish lake???


11/05/2021 11:15 am  #3

Re: WiA No.: 525

4 minutes!?  Damn dude - you're good!

It's Catfish Lake!

You're up, sweede

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11/05/2021 1:50 pm  #4

Re: WiA No.: 525

hey , hey, thank you, thank you very much!!  
    i will take a pass on my turn, i rarely  carry a camera, although i have some nice trout photos from over the years,,  
        go for it!!


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