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9/05/2021 4:59 pm  #1

I am relegated to car camping

I guess I am happy to report I did get to spend a few nights in the backcountry of Algonquin in August on the Eastern Pines trail.  I am disappointed to report that even though I started booking in January or February my time in the backcountry was so limited this summer.  Added to that my backcountry experience in the fall is now de-funked too. I am relegated to car camping....don't get me wrong there is plenty to do on the corridor of Hwy 60 but it's not the same. Last trip I car camped coming out of the backcountry I was mortified of what was happening around me.  It literally made me cry.  When I backcountry camped this year is was filled with people ill-prepared and asking me for stuff.  I am a solo camper and therefore I pack for my own emergencies and not others.  May be that is a crappy attitude, I do give when I can but not to put myself in a tough position (matches, really...think ahead).  While I look forward to some time in Algonquin next week, I feel that I will not be fulfilled in the same way as after a backcountry experience.  


9/06/2021 8:10 am  #2

Re: I am relegated to car camping

I've done a couple of trips to APP this year.

Although the popular routes are busy (ie Hwy 60, northwest access and Kiosk), I found the interior to be no more busy than any other year.

A single  portage >1km and you're fine.


9/06/2021 4:55 pm  #3

Re: I am relegated to car camping

I hear you solosal! I thought last year was challenging for backpacking but 2021 seems even more difficult. I was able to squeak in a solo trek in early July but plans to go this fall are likely out. My observations mirror yours. 

Marko_Mrko - yes, pushing into harder/longer portage territory is definitely the way to go in a canoe! We did an epic trip through Cedar/Cauchon/Erables/Osler/Nadine and back through the Nip this summer and saw only three people after Erables

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9/17/2021 7:41 pm  #4

Re: I am relegated to car camping

Marko_Mrko: because I had positioned this post under backpacking I wasn't expecting a response about portaging.  I hear what you are saying as I have done that.  I made it through my car camping experience while cringing.  My best times were on the hiking trails on Hwy 60 before 10am.  Less people, less noise and more solitude.  I'm excited to report I did the Whiskey Rapids trail again.  Last time I did that was in a thunderstorm that really rushed the enjoyment, and it was closed for so long in recent years.  I really enjoy being able to give feedback in the online Ontario Parks survey once you return from your trip.

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