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8/29/2021 11:56 am  #1

Most Comfy Camp Chair (Car Camping)

So I'm looking to get a new camp chair for car camping and I'm hoping to get some suggestions.  I'm currently using a Costco chair but it's just not very comfy (although I love the side table).  For back country I use my Helinox One and it is fine.  I really like the idea of this one but some of the reviews are putting me off (squeezes the legs, back poles break through the fabric, etc.):

Not really worried about cost but I want something that I can sit by the fire for hours in and be comfy.



9/02/2021 7:07 am  #2

Re: Most Comfy Camp Chair (Car Camping)

I actually just met someone who had this chair on the weekend.  They love it. Folds down into a little bag.  They got theirs on Amazon for about 150

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9/02/2021 7:34 am  #3

Re: Most Comfy Camp Chair (Car Camping)

I actually ended up getting this chair:

 Seems super comfy and I love that it reclines.  The true test will be when I get to sit around a fire for 5 hours in the near future


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