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8/14/2021 8:03 am  #1

Moose Hunting

I'll be in the east gate area for a few days next week.  I'd love to do an evening paddle in an area that might have moose feeding.  I know our lake it's unlikely.  Any suggestions in that area would be appreciated.  I'm wondering about McNanus lake perhaps ...



8/14/2021 10:53 am  #2

Re: Moose Hunting

Ha I totally thought you were gonna go somewhere very different with this post:



8/19/2021 2:50 pm  #3

Re: Moose Hunting

More likely to see bears at McManus, lots of blueberries along the shoreline. Have seen moose on whitson but it is a 2 hour or so paddle from McManus. 


8/19/2021 6:29 pm  #4

Re: Moose Hunting

We've seen a moose in the marsh next to the 890m portage on Sec Lake.  I think it was in the morning
Haven't seen any others coming in the East Gate.


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