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7/22/2021 11:37 am  #1

Day Trip from Cache Lake to Whitney, ON

Good afternoon all, I hope everyone is enjoying their time in the Park this year!
After our spring trip to Wendigo lake was cancelled, we decided to undertake one massive day trip through the Park.
We hit the water on Cache Lake around 0830 and made our way down the Madawaska R. back to our hotel in Whitney. This trip took slightly longer than we anticipated and we reached the dam in Whitney around 2200 EST. All in all it was an awesome day for paddling, hiking and swimming.

The park was empty, the animals were out, and the bass were biting. The weather was scorching, and the bugs held off after the morning feed and the evening frenzy.

Here is the link to the video and we are looking forward to heading out on our Nipissing R - Tim R. 8 day loop in a little over a week!

Happy paddling!


7/23/2021 6:02 am  #2

Re: Day Trip from Cache Lake to Whitney, ON

Looks like you guys had a great time!!!
Thanks for posting


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