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7/20/2021 6:07 pm  #1

Status of Sunday Creek to Norway Lake 2021

Hi everyone!
 I am planning a quick single overnight canoe trip at the end of July to Norway lake and was wondering if anyone has any advice for doing so this season. We are all experienced campers and canoers but are not that familiar with the Algonquin area specifically. I have a reservation for Norway booked so I assume all I need to do is park at the Sunday creek access point and launch my canoe into the water right by the highway? Does anyone know how long the paddle is from the highway to Norway or have any info on the water levels in the creek this time of year? It seems high this year but I've read stories of people having to get out and push in areas along the creek. We're also planning on bringing a paddle board along with our canoe but I'm not sure if this is a bad idea in terms of being able to keep up with the canoe (it doesn't do as well in the wind or strong currents but I'm not sure if this is a concern on this route).
I was also reading that access to the park is cut off when capacity is reached so I was wondering what the crowds have been like this summer. We have one friend meeting us at the access point in her own car (she is going to purchase an additional permit) but I don't want to risk her arriving too late and not getting in?
Anyways thanks in advance for any advice!


7/20/2021 6:47 pm  #2

Re: Status of Sunday Creek to Norway Lake 2021

I can’t give any advice on Sunday Creek, but for the park capacity issue, that’s a day use permit problem. Your backcountry permit gives you a vehicle permit and you can add an extra car (or multiple cars) to that permit. Do that now and your friend will be fine.


7/20/2021 7:05 pm  #3

Re: Status of Sunday Creek to Norway Lake 2021

Try the Search tab on this stite and use Norway as your search term.  It'll pull up some useful stuff such as  Also, last trip log that comes to mind of the lake was by Mark In the Park.  Mark has some good reports generally but also once you're in there you should be able to find Mark's report on Norway.  I appreciate current information is also very useful but those are for sure some good starting points.


7/21/2021 7:19 am  #4

Re: Status of Sunday Creek to Norway Lake 2021

FOAP map says to use Spruce Bog parking lot when you are going to Norway Lake.

That is what I did the last time I went to Norway.  I have seen others unload their car on the highway at the creek and then park in the Spruce Bog parking lot.


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