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5/22/2021 5:43 pm  #1

Favourite lakes/sites from access #17 in August?

I've got 3-5 nights to work with any time in August. It would be my first time doing a trip from #17, and like most trips I like to prioritize lakes with nice campsites.

I'm considering something like Godda x2 > Booth > Shirley x2, or Godda x2 > Booth x2

I like the idea of Godda since both sites look decent and it's private.

Booth is pretty much booked solid so getting a reservation means I'll likely be coming in to a full lake and will get last pick at sites.

Shirley, from what I've seen on the PCI you're pretty much guaranteed to get a decent site with a beachfront... it's just farther away if I want to build Godda into the trip

Then there are lakes like Ryan that are pretty wide open even on the weekends... is the lake really that undesirable that no one cares to book it? 

Any other suggestions?

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5/22/2021 6:57 pm  #2

Re: Favourite lakes/sites from access #17 in August?

Ryan Lake has in the past been closed due to the same blue green algae problem as Dickson. Looks like it may have been reopened  - but people are probably leery of booking it due to its past history.

Here's a previous notice on the closure:


5/22/2021 8:01 pm  #3

Re: Favourite lakes/sites from access #17 in August?

That would explain it

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