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4/30/2021 7:11 pm  #1

A new perspective ...

Samantha Bearman has emailed the link to her "Everything you need to know about Backcountry Camping in Rock Lake, Algonquin" ..

Samantha hails recently from Hertfordshire (England). I found her trans-Atlantic perspective vaguely familiar having myself originated in Northamptonshire (England) many, many, many years ago, as a tyke.

Welcome Samantha, to Algonquin Adventures!


5/02/2021 12:15 pm  #2

Re: A new perspective ...

A nice write up!  Thanks Samantha (and Barry for the link). 



5/03/2021 5:28 am  #3

Re: A new perspective ...

I've tried that link a few times since you posted it, and the link (for that matter the entire website) doesn't appear to work. Interesting that it works for Gord!

Edit: sorted out the issue. 

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5/05/2021 8:24 am  #4

Re: A new perspective ...

These trip reports are keeping my hopes up .. keep them coming !!


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