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3/09/2021 3:46 pm  #1

Canoe Tripping 'Defining Moments' Project

Greetings fellow Algonquin Back Country Canoe Trippers!As some of you are aware, I started a podcast last August ‘Algonquin Defining Moments’,  and am having great fun picking topics and sharing what I know or have researched over the years about the human history of Algonquin. My next two-episode series (one to be released later this week) shares what it was like canoe tripping in the Park 50 -100+ years ago using 1885, 1903, and the early 1940s as references. 

 It occurred to me that another great 'add-on' episode would be to collect your personal Algonquin backcountry canoe-tripping defining moments’s i.e. those that changed the very nature of the trip for you. This could be something physical that happened (good or bad), a vista you admired, an experience with wildlife, or on rapids or on a lake, or a great meal you cooked up or a weather event that was impactful - whatever really made a difference for you - I would then put them all together in some meaningful way for Youtube, a podcast or something written or all of the above. 

 I have two that come to mind. The first was in the early 1970s when as the counselor on a Camp Wapomeo trip one of my 9-year old campers fell in a bog on the Drummer Lake portage. Refusing to continue and everyone else many yards ahead,  I sat with her, held her hand while she cried and cried and cried. I  reassured her, over and over, almost like a mantra that she could do it and when finally she found her strength, she picked herself up and continued on.  The self-confidence the experience gave her was life-changing I think as it certainly was for me, realizing that I really could give back to these kids in a meaningful way. My second was when in my late 50s, I successfully crossed the Bonfield Dickson Portage. It's become a two-page story - too long to print here.  Who would have thought!!!

If you are interested in participating in this effort please feel to post your submissions here, or upload a video or pictures to my AlgonquinParkHeritage Facebook page,   or email me directly at Gaye Clemson 


5/03/2021 2:25 pm  #2

Re: Canoe Tripping 'Defining Moments' Project

Sitting on a log at Faya lake with a sandwich resting on my left, and a drink on my right. Nice day. After biting on the sandwich a bit I turned and reached for my drink and took a sip.

When I turned back to the sandwich, I saw that a gray jay had dropped silently out of a tree. It had one foot on the ground (Edit: log) and it had raised the top slice of bread with the other, and the varmint was about to pull away my slice of sausage with his beak! I yelled "HEY!" just in time and he flew off.

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