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4/12/2021 10:22 am  #1

Entomologists, Simulium sp. and April 10

I hate black flies! When do you think they will be out in blood-thirsty hordes? Someone told me years ago that 3 weeks post ice-out is when they really start (2 weeks to hatch and 1 more week before they really start biting) has always been pretty accurate in my experience at AP....anyway, that works out to approx May 1st...they'd be waiting for us after the lockdown ends (May 6th) or the day the backcountry opens (May 14)...might have to cancel my May 16th trip, save my blood, and leave the specs for the braver among you


4/12/2021 11:19 am  #2

Re: Entomologists, Simulium sp. and April 10

Yeah I suspect early May will be buggy this year. Wife and I were just out for a walk and I mentioned we might have to change plans as we booked for May 14-16 and it might be more buggy than we had planned. Changing plans just means carrying the bug tent and more spray.


4/12/2021 1:50 pm  #3

Re: Entomologists, Simulium sp. and April 10

Early thaw = early hatch (most likely).  Prepare for the bugs and get out there anyway!  Bug shirt and some watkins lotion usually does the trick.  OR, go tripping with someone who get's bit worse than you, seems to work for me. 


4/12/2021 8:02 pm  #4

Re: Entomologists, Simulium sp. and April 10

I’m booked May 15-22. They will likely be bad for at least part of that time. I’m going. I’ll lug in the bug tent and cut some of that extra weight by just sleeping in that tent. On the plus side the brookies should be on. Open windy sites here I come.

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4/12/2021 8:37 pm  #5

Re: Entomologists, Simulium sp. and April 10

cool and cooling weather patterns will probably set up multiple black fly and mosquito hatches,, beware. we are all doomed!!!  there will be nothing but piles of bones along the trails of algonquin!!
      like i said before ,, you will have to swing an axe to draw a breath through the clouds of bugs eh!!!


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