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3/28/2021 2:22 pm  #1

A beginner a comeback and a hiatus ...

Hi All ... its been well over a year since I posted here or even lurked ... it's been a tough year .. I'm sure many of you can relate. 

But Spring is almost here and I'd like to plan a backcountry trip for 3 people ... one is a great canoeist but less experience with backcountry ... one has done some back country but its been about 20 years and the other (me) has some experience but is out of shape. 

So I'm looking for some recommendations ... I'll likely kayak or do solo canoe and the other two in a canoe.  Two like to fish and the other not so much.  I cant opt for portaging much but a couple of small ones are no issue. 

East side or off of hwy 60 is better since we are coming from Ottawa south area (via smiths falls likely) ... I was thinking opeongo with a water taxi ... but I think we would prefer smaller lakes and rivers.  I have Sec lake as a possibility but I usually go there with the kids.   

We could even consider a ranger cabin i suppose .. .

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions ... and hearing from those I already know ... (reading some great trip reports .. this site never disappoints the adventurous spirit)  

Paul (Dead Weight)


3/28/2021 2:53 pm  #2

Re: A beginner a comeback and a hiatus ...

Crotch Lake access?  Sounds like everything you are looking for,, relative to size of lakes, portages and fishing opportunities (also a cabin that looks like it's on your check list)


3/28/2021 7:53 pm  #3

Re: A beginner a comeback and a hiatus ...

Hi Andy .. Crotch Lake. .forgot about that access point .. yep thats a good idea . .thanks

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3/29/2021 9:13 am  #4

Re: A beginner a comeback and a hiatus ...

Don't forget Rock to Pen or Galeairy- easy routes, lot's of options for exploring, and no killer portages


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