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3/21/2021 5:20 pm  #1

Burntroot campsite

Will be on Burntroot this spring and would like to know if anyone has any ideal what the most Northwest site on Burntroot is like? It is the site across from the portage to Robinson on a small point. Any information would be greatly appreciated!



3/21/2021 5:48 pm  #2

Re: Burntroot campsite

hey, hey, joe,,  i had a quick pit stop at that site several years ago,, it appears to be used very little,, the site is one of the worst that i have ever visited in algonquin,, absolutely no place to land a canoe or place a tent,, there was a old door there ,, i am guessing that it might be from the root cellar??. one thing for sure, there is plenty of fire wood,, try for the island site at the south tip coming from the portage,, landing is a very small sandy spot on the west side,, the north site is like a 3 story climb up from the shoreline.  
 when will you be in the area.. i could be around depending on the park policy this spring,, 


3/21/2021 6:14 pm  #3

Re: Burntroot campsite

Thanks for the quick response Swedish Pimple, looks like We will try for a different site, possibly the island site you mentioned if available or one of the sites near the portage into Perley! If all goes well we are planning on being in the area for the week of May 15.


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