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3/08/2021 8:45 am  #1

Spring Trip-Paddling Upstream on the Petawawa solo

Hi everyone,
I'm looking at doing a spring trip, shortly after iceout.  This would be a solo trip, paddling from Lake Lavielle back to Cedar Lake via the Crow River and upstream on the Petawawa.  I've done this trip twice now, but in September and October when water levels are lower.  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience paddling upstream on the Petawawa from the Crow River junction to Cedar Lake in May?  As I would be travelling solo my only concern is paddling upstream on the Pet.  I'm wondering if this is managable solo in May?  Any feedback is appreciated.


3/14/2021 9:31 pm  #2

Re: Spring Trip-Paddling Upstream on the Petawawa solo

I've only done the other direction but I doubt it would be much of a problem.  Some people I know had problems crossing  the Crow at the junction with White Partridge because the speed of the water in May but the year I did it wasn't too bad.  Other than that, most of the way up the Pet is really through lakes and the narrower parts are at the rapids which have portages around them.  The only part which might  be a bit of work is the last section before Cedar and that would only be if you have a headwind.

Based on this winter not being too snowy in Southern Ontario, I wouldn't think the spring runoff would be too bad but I haven't been up there this winter.


3/19/2021 10:38 am  #3

Re: Spring Trip-Paddling Upstream on the Petawawa solo

Thanks Keg for the reply.
I've loved this area of the park, so looking forward to tackling it again in May.
Happy Paddling!

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